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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Vitalia Medspa, Family Business or Sin City

The title states my three current options. I had an interview today at Vitalia Medspa. The position I interviewed for is a sales and marketing job. I was fortunate enough to get the interview through a wonderful friend of mine. I feel the interview went really well and I have to admit this is the perfect job for me while I wait for the funding and future of Why Go Solo to unfold.

I mean, HELLO, it’s a Medspa and I’m one girl who would love to get the hair removal procedure done and the body contouring and cellulite improvement…So, you better believe that I can sell it and promote it along with the other products and services. Also, it’s a position that is all about networking, meeting people, creating relationships, building rapport and it offers great flexibility. I honestly liked the owner, everyone was nice and it was a great environment. It’s a match--I really want the job. I should know by Friday!! Keep your fingers cross for me.

If, by great chance, I have truly entered a phase of absolute bad luck and complete disagreement with the entire Universe (in that, I just can’t get anything I actually want) then I have two other options.

Option #1: My older brother wants me to come work with him in what he calls the “family business”. My dad and brothers have been in construction basically all their lives. It has NEVER appealed to me. Anyway, a year or so ago, my older brother struck out on his own and started a mold remediation business on top of doing construction work. He would like for me to join him in order to do the networking, schmoozing and selling, which he doesn’t necessarily like or excel at. He would also love to get me involved and gain the woman and veteran owned status, in order to move along on the GSA schedule. He would probably push me to get my disability papers in to the VA (Veteran Affair) too…I haven’t because I hate doing paper work, which is the other thing, my brother would want me to get involved in.

I love my brother dearly and I know he and I would make a killer team but, and this is a big BUT, this would require me to move to Massachusetts. I hate Massachusetts. Hey, this is nothing against anyone who lives there. We’re not talking about Boston or the Boston area here…we are talking about Western Mass. There’s nothing there. Think about it, who would leave the DC, MD and VA area to go to an area that has nothing and gets freezing cold in the winter!! I’m hurting and semi-desperate—yeah, still a hard one to swallow. Oh, and mold remediation and construction aren’t exactly on my list of top things to be involved in either. Lets see—MedSpa or mold remediation??

Option#2: “Yeah, come on over. I have a spare bedroom with bed and everything. You can stay as long as you want and would have nothing to worry about.” Those were the words of one of my friends, yesterday. We met on Okinawa 4-5 years ago. He lives in Las Vegas. I would leave DC, MD and VA to head out West…especially when there’s a place waiting for me and all I have to do is pack my clothes. He also mentioned how Vegas is a great transition town and he would start looking for jobs for me in sales and marketing. A part of me doesn’t mind that option at all. However, we were planning on starting Why Go Solo in VA (it’s already incorporated in VA) and my business partner and all other associated team players are in VA. I couldn’t leave without keeping my townhouse and a way to come back once the funding came in. It’s tricky, but might be doable.

What I really want is money to drop on my lap, but realistically, my best option is the job at Vitalia Medspa…we’ll wait and see--then look at the other options if that doesn’t pan out.

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