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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Already Marketing!!

I have a lot of writing and updating to do, but I need to go to the gym first!! I couldn't go without posting these pictures first though. I think this is so cool...but then again, I'm easily amused.

I met with Martin at 7:30 am this morning and again tonight at 5pm. When I got to Martin's house, Ruth came out to my truck with a measuring tape. I thought it was a little odd, but I went into the house to talk with Martin.

Well, look what
Ruth was up to!!

Martin is supervising!! I'm not doing much either!! Ruth did all the work. Thank you Ruth :)

That's the back of my truck. That's correct...I drive a truck. What did you expect!?!?

How cool is that?? It's reflective, so it really stands out at night

I'm already brainstorming all the different people I know who can start marketing for us too.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Go get em` !! :-)

Speedcat Page

Trik said...

Ann - The logo looks great and the graphics on the truck were a great idea too. I'm curious how the graphic for the truck was created. Anyway, it's good to see things are kicking into high gear. Seeing your company image on your vehicle must have been one of those little things that motivates the team.

Ann Bernard said...

Trik, I will have to differ the question to Ruth and Martin since I don't know for sure. But, you are spot was really motivating to see our product on my truck and it getting "out there". I've already recruited three others to do the same. We'll post their pictures once we get it done.

Martin Saenz said...

Good Question Trik. My wife Ruth and I have a sign company and do this for a living. We essentially design the logo, send the image to a printer that prints the image on a vinyl adhesive and then cuts the vinyl to form. We then apply the vinyl with the adhesive backing to the glass. The key is to do it without bubbles and wrinkles (especially when your dealing with a queen like Ann).

Ann Bernard said...

Okay, so I'm having a good laugh!! Funny what you find out about what people think of you!! LOL!! I want to note that both Martin and Ruth are extremely professional and slightly anal (much like myself). They would never do a less then perfect job. There's a reason I chose them as partners!!