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This blog is about the lives of a few entrepreneurs who are aiming to establish the next trend in social networking and the concept that will make it happen. Since our venture is all about connecting people together, we want to be involved and connected to you and we want you to be involved and connected to us. We'll be sharing with you: who we are, how we got started, how we’re doing and where we’re going...we're taking you along for the ride!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Scrubbing the Business Plan

I was suppose to drive to Massachusetts this weekend to go see my father and thank him in person, as well as have a good heart-to-heart with him, but I’m postponing the trip. I have too much work that needs to get done. I need to do a major scrub over of the business plan. Unfortunately, I haven’t started yet, because I’m not 100% sure how to approach it. There are a multitude of ways things might unfold according to where we are today. Martin and I spent a lot of time white boarding and discussing options this week.

We have created a bootstrap option, which requires around $100,000 of funding and a greater emphasis on creating equity partnerships. The bootstrap option ends up having more phases and a series of soft launches. However, since we are also investing a great deal of energy in raising funds…we obviously would like that option to pan out. With funding we have more marketing and selling power to do a large and hard launch.

No matter what...our concept has many phases—I just have to figure out how to break it all out into the plan accordingly. The original plan still applies, but definitely requires greater details.

I have great apprehensions when it comes to send the plan out. I really have to get over that!! We’ll be sending out close to 100 hard copies of the plan in the next few weeks.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Call of the Entrepreneur

I came across this video in another entrepreneur's newsletter (Frank Felker) a few months ago. It really motivated me back then...and it motivates me now more then ever. I wanted to share it, especially with the other entrepreneurs who are reading this blog and the many people who are thinking about taking the leap of faith and starting their own business.

Our quest is picking up speed and we are grateful for everyone who are joining us, on the ride.

Selecting our Power Point Template

One of the many things we have to create/put together is a power point presentation to brief potential investors.

Ruth has been busy designing and she presented us three different variations of templates. Martin and I both like the Orange version the best.

I have posted the templates on our blog because I would love to get your feedback and input. Please let us know which one is best or possible changes that would make them better!!


Let The Fund Raising Begin

We have finally taken a company on board to help us raise the funding we need. It was a nerve wrecking decision to make, but a decision Martin and I, both felt was necessary to make. We came across this particular company on the over two months ago. After I joined the website, I sent out my 20 maximum a day emails to investors and investment banking companies that met our criteria. I was contacted by CJ, the President of Millennium Capital Quest Corp,. either the same day I sent the email or the following day. With in the following days, we had quite a few phone exchanges and a 2 hour conference call between CJ, Millennium’s CFO (Gregg), Martin, myself and our lawyer. After the conference call, we were ready to start doing business with Millennium—that’s when my phone rang and it was an individual interested in funding Why Go Solo. That particular investor never came through, which is why, we went back to our original decision.

The really nerve wrecking portion of signing up with Millennium came after I spent some time reading the forums on The many listings and comments pertaining to NEVER paying a fee to a company to raise funding were daunting, especially since we were about to pay…what I consider, a hefty fee up front. I emailed CJ right away. I needed to get some reassurance from him and also wanted to let him know, that if, they take us for “a ride”, I would come knocking at his door!! He promptly called me. He reminded me of their process, and also, that ultimately, closing the deal is entirely up to us (the Why Go Solo team). He promised he will put us in “front” of many investors and coach us through the process however, our performance and ability to sell Why Go Solo rests on our shoulders.

I want to insert a quick note, right here, about whether or not anyone should pay upfront fees to raise funds. I AM HARDLY AN EXPERT but the saying goes: You need money to make money…right?? Well, I would add: You need money to RAISE money. This realization hit me while I was working out. Going back to the forum, people were saying to never pay any fees upfront…well, the ironic thing is, in order to post your listing and email investors on, you have to pay a FEE!! So, to simply be exposed to potential investors, brokers and investment bankers…you have to PAY. (Same with the Grubstake Breakfast we attended two weeks ago) It would be great if you didn’t have to pay anything…but I think that’s very unlikely. There are many scams on the site and all sites that deal with raising money, so you do have to be cautious and careful.

Martin called customer service and spoke to Steve, who told him, Millennium has been listed on since last September and no one has ever reported any bad dealings or interactions with them. This confirmed the other research we had done and put our minds a ease a little more. I don't think you can ever be a 100% sure with these things.

We did the fund transfer on Wednesday to cover the required fees, and today, we received our marching orders from CJ and the due diligence package. We all have a lot of work ahead of us. Personally, I really have to review, update and improve the business plan. I also have to get more supporting material together.

I’m also going to start an investor’s series…the series will be about the various reasons to invest in Why Go Solo and will cover a little more about the research that validates our concept. We want to help our investors feel good and confident about their investments…we also want them to be ready to sign their checks very quickly!!

If you are an entrepreneur doing what we are doing...or about to do what we are doing, this blog is about to get very interesting for you.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Other HUGE Aspiration

Besides building a business empire...there is one other MAJOR accomplishment I want in life--to do an Eco Challenge Race. I just received this email: ANN, hey you interested in the eco challenge. Call me at 713-XXX-XXX tomorrow, the eco challenge registration starts this weekend and we get a year to prep. I will give you the details when you call. The sender of the email is a former Force Recon Marine I met in Iraq. The whole team would be made up of former special operations guys...and me!!

Well, as if there wasn't enough going on right!?!? You better believe I'll be calling him. Time to make all my dreams come true.

Already Marketing!!

I have a lot of writing and updating to do, but I need to go to the gym first!! I couldn't go without posting these pictures first though. I think this is so cool...but then again, I'm easily amused.

I met with Martin at 7:30 am this morning and again tonight at 5pm. When I got to Martin's house, Ruth came out to my truck with a measuring tape. I thought it was a little odd, but I went into the house to talk with Martin.

Well, look what
Ruth was up to!!

Martin is supervising!! I'm not doing much either!! Ruth did all the work. Thank you Ruth :)

That's the back of my truck. That's correct...I drive a truck. What did you expect!?!?

How cool is that?? It's reflective, so it really stands out at night

I'm already brainstorming all the different people I know who can start marketing for us too.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Brass Balls, Got em'?!?! Great, Let's Talk

Asking my father for money required me to really dig deep, grab hold and just go ahead and do it. That was last Tuesday…on Sunday, a call from my older brother that started casual, but was really about a new layer to the whole my getting some money, unveiled a lot of stuff that brought much pain, hurt, anger, relief and answers.

I truly, truly want my life to run smoothly and with ease. However, that’s not what I’ve ever gotten. Instead I keep taking beatings…and I keep getting back up because it’s not going to be over until I say it’s over. Like always, I’m facing the pain I’m feeling head on, I’m choosing to look on the bright side of the situation and I’m also electing to not hold a grudge and to simply forgive. And that is all part of having Brass Balls.

Here are all the traits and characteristics it takes to be a person with REAL Brass Balls (according to Ann):

Admit Weaknesses and Ask for Help: We all have them. We all have weaknesses but only those will real strength and wisdom will admit their weaknesses to themselves and to those who need to know them. You can’t be provided assistance and help…if you don’t admit, show or ask for it. You also can’t work on and improve your weak areas without first facing the fact that they exist.

Admit Wrongs and Mistakes/Say you are Sorry: A person with brass balls will easily say “Hey, I’m sorry. I was wrong about a, b, and c.” Or, “I made a mistake and I have learned. I will not make the same mistake again.”

Forgive Those That Do you Wrong: It takes an even bigger set of brass balls to forgive those who do us wrong. To accept that people are not perfect. We all make mistakes and whether or not the other person is asking for forgiveness, offer forgiveness, because there’s no point in carrying pain, anger and hurt around.

Express Feelings and Emotions: To speak and communicate your true emotions and how you feel is a very difficult thing to do…and a thing most people avoid at all cost, when in reality, having the brass balls to express yourself fixes lots of problems. Saying: I’m hurt, I’m angry, I’m feeling mad, I’m feeling so much pain, I’m proud, I’m happy, I’m disappointed—the list is long and we all know it…a person with brass balls expresses it.

Tell the Truth: You’ve got a pair?!?! Then you don’t lie. You tell the truth, and in sticky, difficult situations, you use lots of tact to do it, but you still tell the truth. People want to hear and be told the truth. No one wants lies, empty promises, and make belief stories. The truth shall set you free.

Address issues: This is similar to telling the truth, but a little more intense. The person with brass balls is the person who calls out the pink elephant that’s in the room. Who doesn’t avoid addressing the real issues head on and calling it (tactfully) the way they see it.

Face Fears: A person with brass balls is not without fears. They are, however, armed with courage and bravery. It might take time to face certain fears ,but they don’t avoid it, run away from it or try to bury it. Here’s a good cliché: There’s nothing to fear but fear itself. Don’t allow fear to stop you from being all that you are meant to be and to reach your full potential. Dig deep and check out what’s down there.

Face Challenges: Much like fear…people with brass balls will take on and face the challenges they encounter. Some people go after them and create them…but that’s not a requirement to earning your brass balls.

Think Positively: A person with brass balls has a positive attitude and outlook on life. They see no point in being any other way. Being positive is what makes you strong mentally. Being mentally strong is what helps you be strong emotionally and physically.

Deal with Uncertainty and the Unknown: This is a key component to having brass balls. A person with true, solid brass balls has NO COMFORT ZONES. They live comfortably in an environment of uncertainty and unknown. They possess supreme confidence and are prepared to face anything that comes their way.

I’m personally always working on increasing the size of my brass balls…of course, I mean that figuratively!! And so should YOU.

If you google the words Brass'll get some interesting sites. On one of the sites you can send out a Ballz-O-Gram. Click on the picture if interested.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekly Recap and All the Stuff I Missed

A/C is Fixed: Let me start with that, in case, any of you were really concerned about the nightmare that has been for me. I still have the holes in the wall and ceiling…but it’s nice and cool in the house. The new A/C system is much more quiet and efficient.

Mr. Boogey Boo: He’s still alive. I haven’t called any vets yet, but my roommate has agreed to take him to the vet once I’ve found one.

I failed to mention a few big things that happened this week. I guess my head was too much in blogging about my personal stuff!!

Web Designer: Last Monday, Martin and I met with a brilliant web designer who can get everything we need for a beta site for Why Go Solo in 6-8 weeks at an unbelievably reasonable price. We were flabbergasted by this guy, his abilities and his prices. We’re keeping him a secret for now!! We predict that he’ll be getting more business then he can possibly handle real soon.

A Call to My Dad: After meeting with Super Web Guy…we needed to come up with some money for the down payment so we could get the ball rolling. I did the one thing I never thought I would do, the one thing I had been avoiding, and the one thing I was scared to death to do. I asked my dad for money. He said “Yes”. I haven’t received the money yet, but will. I was so happy and relieved that he said yes. It would be way too long of a post to explain my relationship with my dad—jus want to point out that only following my dreams gave me to strength to overcome my “issues”.

Down Payment: On Friday the down payment was, well, put down, which means we’ll start working on the development of the beta site TOMORROW!!

Investors: We haven’t heard back from anyone that we’ve contacted, briefed and provided the business plan to. Next week, I’m going to make another round of calls to a few folks, but I also have a new plan for raising the money I want to implement next week. Like I mentioned, I’m tired of being jerked around when we have an option that would end all of that.

Finding the Super Web Guy was like hitting the jackpot…it brings us a lot closer to finally being in business, which is why getting the appropriate funds for the other pieces is absolutely critical.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Once A Marine, Always a Marine


From: Commanding General,
Marine Corps Mobilization Command (MOBCOM)
To: Capt Ann Bernard


That’s part of a letter, well more like orders, I received a few weeks ago.

At 0830 (8:30am) this morning I was in Annapolis MD, at the
Naval Academy in the basketball stadium with hundreds of other IRR Marines. It was an unbelievably odd feeling to be around former Marines and Marines again.

I’ve been out of the
Marine Corps for almost two years and for the most part, I’ve been avoiding any, and all, contact with anything Marine related. Why?? It’s still too hard. I served for ten years. I was 17 when I joined...the Marine Corps is embedded in who I am and a day like today, makes it very hard for me to not just go back in.

While we were waiting for the General to do his opening statement, all sorts of videos were playing about Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was pretty unbearable to be reminded of what my fellow Marines are doing, how they are serving and what they are going through while I’m now safely sitting back here.

Mostly everyone that was in the stadium had served in either Afghanistan or Iraq….some multiple times and all of us are just a call away from going back. A Chief Warrant Officer came to talk to me, to let me know how badly Company Grade Officers are needed in both Reserve Units and for Individual Augmentation (IA) billets. Since returning home, I've been asking myself this question: Given the right billet (job/position) would I go back on Active Duty for a year in Iraq?? I attached some pics below from my tour in Iraq about two years ago...I've been doing a lot of reminiscing.

The Sergeant Major for MOBCOM said something that also stuck with me, he said: “Now, that you’ve earned the title (Marine) what are you going to do with it?” What am I doing to do with it, indeed? A very small percentage of the population will ever earn the title Marine and it stands for great things and has a glorious history attached to it. He talked about how there is nothing a Marine cannot do. We have the discipline, strength, honor and mental fortitude to accomplish, overcome, and achieve anything we set ourselves to do. His short speech was meant to motivate us to sign-up for the active reserve—what it did for me, was really fire me up.

I kicked ass in the Marine Corps and I never took NO for an answer. I never backed down from a fight and I always stood up for myself and my Marines. I fought for the opportunities I wanted and got them. In the last two years I’ve become more docile and less of a fighter. Well, I’m done with that.

I am so fed up and tired of people jerking me around when it comes to raising the funding for Why Go Solo. The way I see it, You are IN or You are OUT…because I’m done holding hands. I came up with a new plan while I was in the gym taking out my frustrations that I will discuss with Martin tomorrow morning.

Someday, some of the people we have talked to about investing in Why Go Solo will look back and hate themselves...but that’s how life goes.

The following pictures were taken in Iraq...mostly in and around the Green Zone. I'm not big on taking pictures, so everytime I left the Green Zone I forgot to take my camera with me...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Still NO A/C

What a day...and I still don't have A/C. How would you like this happening at your house!?!?

I had chocolate cake tonight...I simply needed it!!

Tough Last Two Days

I am absolutely drained and exhausted right now. My A/C broke a few days ago and yesterday, I finally had a tech come out to look at it. After inspecting the A/C unit, which is well over 20 years old, he told me that entire unit needed to be replaced. Not only did the unit need replacing, but all the lines running to the outside portion need to be changed as well. This involves digging holes in my ceiling and on the wall. The quote was somewhere around $7,000 and that didn’t include the dry wall work.

I wanted to cry…I came very close to crying. It’s tough enough that I had to get a job to pay my regular bills, while I wait for Why Go Solo to get off the ground…now, I was facing a huge bill I simply could not cover. My options were limited since you can’t be without A/C in this area, in the summertime.

I won’t get into details…but the problem is getting taking cared of and it’s not going to cost me $7,000. Sometimes you call in favors…sometimes you have to be prepared to owe favors.

The emotions of starting a start-up are significant on their own, so it’s really a killer when you have to throw personal and everyday crap on top of it.

To top it all off—I haven’t been sleeping well. The reason why is in the picture on the top left corner of this post. That’s my rabbit, Mr. Boogey Boo. He always wakes me up every morning at 5:45 am, no matter what day of the week it is, which is a real nuisance, but to make matters worst, these last few nights, he’s been waking me up throughout the night.

Yes, he is a free roaming rabbit in my bedroom. He has completely DESTROYED my room and I’ve been tolerating that. Him keeping me up at night, is just too much. He jumps into bed and will lick my hands, nose or arms. I feel his whiskers tickling me and if that doesn’t work, he’ll take little bites. It used to be cute…it’s not anymore.

It’s like when you first get into a relationship. The other person’s quirks are cute at the beginning and somewhere along the line they become annoying.

Boogey is gonna have to go. This breaks my heart, but I simply cannot spend my days exhausted. I believe in the moto: Live Free or Die. I can’t imagine caging him up when he’s been free all his life. I need to call the veterinarian and find out what’s the best thing I can do. The rabbit rescue shelters around here are all full. I definitely want to mention the fact that Boogey was given to me as a gift. I did not go out to the pet store and buy him. I didn’t ask for him either. I love him and he’s a wonderful cuddler. He just doesn’t know when enough is enough.

If you can think of a different alternative I’m all ears.

I have a lot of work I need to get done…and all I want is a nap.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Real Power of Our Life's Dreams

My life's dreams are rooted in what I want to contribute to the world, my core values and what I am excited to accomplish. Although my dreams are considered to be rather large and ambitious; they are very simple. However, discovering my dreams took a lot of self-discovery, soul searching, and reflecting over the last seven years (plus my entire lifetime). But since this isn’t a post on how to find your dreams, I’ll leave it as that for now.

The journey of following my dreams has been thus far, both: the biggest struggle of my life, and the most amazing experience of my life. Of course, that is, what one should expect, right?!?! Well, the thing is, I somehow thought it would be much easier. After all, it was such hard work just to figure out my dreams…once I knew them, I just readily assumed following through would be a snap. But, I digress…

Anyway, if asked the question: “Ann, what did you come here to learn” My answer would be “To learn how to trust and to learn patience”. I’ve known this for many years, but never really did anything about it, until I decided to follow my dreams and my calling as an entrepreneur.

I have entrusted my life into the hands of fellow Marines and never thought twice about it because I was entrusting my physical body, not my mind, heart, spirit, and ability to make or shatter my dreams. Okay, I’ll give it to you, it’s a little hard to follow your dreams if you’re not alive and I don’t mean to belittle the value of life…I want to make a distinction between the physical trust we give people like when we get into a vehicle or an airplane and we trust the driver/pilot to get us to our destination safely--compared to the trust we give someone when we fully expose ourselves, our dreams and vulnerabilities.

I had not, in my adult life, until now, placed my trust in anyone person. I never believed it was a safe or wise thing to do. Be it from my childhood or past experiences, I was programmed to always take care of my self, by myself and not rely on anyone for anything. I simply didn’t fully trust anyone and nor was I willing to find out if I could…that is, until the road ahead for my dreams counted on it. I came to a head on collision with the decision to trust the people I needed to make my dreams come true or to prolong the process and potentially end up having to give up. Here was something I had been deadly afraid of all my life staring at me right in the face saying: “It’s either you trust others explicitly and let go, or you forget all about your dreams and ambitions.” Pretty intense huh?!?! I can still feel the shock wave it sent through my body as it sank in.

What did I do?? I took a nap!! I was so absolutely drained by the realization that I just had to lay down and then, when I woke up, I decided to stepped into the world of giving trust and letting go. It’s one scary place, let me tell you, but it’s also a very rewarding place. Here I am, finally doing the one thing I was never, ever, able to do before and knowing that it excites me, because I know it’s bringing me closer to my dreams and being all that I am meant to be.

Patience is a whole other ball game...especially in a start-up business. My impatient ways cause me a great deal of unnecessary stress and disappointment. Being in a start-up is absolutely a waiting game. You do all you can, continuously and aggressively, but it still doesn’t curtail the waiting and having to start over once you are done waiting and things didn’t go your way.

I’m developing patience…while balancing not becoming complacent or too detached. Sometimes you want to throw the F-word around and lose your cool…and that’s when I go to the gym. Being impatient and getting upset or angry never brings about anything worthwhile. This lesson I have to relearn everyday, if not, a few times a day.

I’ve gone through a lot since I’ve engaged myself head first, eyes wide open into the journey of following my dreams. I have felt more frustration, pain, heartbreak then ever before and it’s pushing me out of every comfort zones I’ve ever had and requiring me to be more then I’ve ever been. That is the real power of dreams—they propel us to entirely new levels in every way.

This is also why you are never a failure when following your entrepreneurial dreams…because even if the venture itself were to fail, YOU will have IMPROVED and GROWN!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not Bipolar, No Chemical Imbalances and it's not PMS...

It’s simply the roller coaster called being an entrepreneur. If you haven’t already read The Pmarca Guide to Startups, part 1: Why not to do a startup, by Marc Andreessen then where have you been today!! Besides being an already subscriber to Marc’s amazingly down to earth, truly informative, and frankly funny blog…just about every VC, whose blogs I also subscribe to, have been singing his praises.

Marc’s blog today clearly outlined the serious pitfalls and challenges to starting a startup. Reading his words reassured me that I am indeed not going off the deep end and going through what many others have endured and what many are enduring now.

Go read it!! NOW!! It really motivated me and made me feel like I'm where I belong.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hey, Wanna Arm Wrestle!!

“Hey, Wanna Arm Wrestle!?!” I used to think that was the worst pick-up line ever…and I used to hear it all that time—but then, like I mentioned in my previous post: The Weight of Doing Business, I allowed myself to get out of shape. But guess what?? Tonight, at the gym, someone asked me to arm wrestle him!!

Yeah, I thought he was a little…well, you decide and fill in the blank for asking. However, at the same time, I was really happy.

This definitely must mean I’m getting my ‘sweetguns’ back. That was my nickname a few years ago. Go ahead...think what you will of it.

Anyway, I decided to come home and take some pictures, as well as write this post.…which I’m bravely sharing. I apologize because the pictures were taken with my webcam. The first one was taken about three years ago…the second one was taken this evening. I realize it's not the same pose.

I know I have some more hard work ahead of me—the goal is that by the time I turn, yes, you guessed it, the big THREE-ZERO I will have the real ‘sweetguns’ back (I spared everyone, from writing in…in full effect)

Welcome, the another aspect of who Ann is.

This post might end-up with a short shelf life. Who knows what I’ll think of it, in the morning.

Strategic Positioning

You often hear about strategic positioning in the marketing and business world. It’s all about proper product placement and marketing angles and opportunities. Strategic positioning is about observing patterns, being aware of the behaviors for your target market and audience, and knowing and understanding trends, which requires: doing your homework, paying attention and having excellent situational awareness.

I’m keeping the terms very broad because I want to point out that strategic positioning applies to everything in life…finding a date, a job, new opportunities, the best deals, getting a raise and even cutting time off your commute—to name a few.

I actually thought about this post and the topic while I was driving. I think much of life’s wisdom and lessons are found on the open road, but that’s a whole other post…heck, I also think you can tell a great deal about a person’s personality and abilities based on their driving. But, once again, that’s a whole other post.

So back to strategic positioning, and how it saves me about 10-15 minutes every day while driving into work in the morning. It took me a day or two to notice the pattern and then another two days to confirm my findings. What I discovered is that a timely and specific lane change at a certain point in my commute on I-495, both before the merge with I-66 and right afterwards…allows me to keep moving into open road, while everyone else is bumper to bumper.

Normally, on any routes I take more then two times, I discover which lanes move faster, the timing of the lights (so I know how fast to go to be sure to catch all green lights) and the state of the road itself.

People do normally apply strategic positioning to acquire the things they want; however, once they acquire them, they go back to living a life in the shadows and in slumber. The key is to continuously keep improving your strategic positioning opportunities and skills…even, if it’s only through driving. This is important to do so you remain sharp and conscious of all your surroundings.

A lack of situational awareness and the natural habit of constantly looking for the best strategic positioning is what brings people to follow in tow. Ever wonder why people in a burning building all go for the same door when other exits are available…or why, although there’s two turning lanes, everyone is lined up behind one another in the same exact lane...

I don’t just drive, I don’t just work, I don’t just talk, and I don’t JUST do ANYTHING. I’m always observing, deciphering, looking for patterns, the best options, smartest alternatives and therefore, the perfect strategic positioning for my next move. Being at the right place at the right time isn’t about just luck…

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Pro at Online Dating with no Success

In early Spring of 2004, I reluctantly came back to Virginia after my tour oversea. My three year tour on Okinawa was fabulous. I have many fond memories of Okinawa, to include quite a few romantically related memories. I had my share of island romances—not with Okinawans, but with other Marines (of my rank) who were on deployments to Okinawa.

I was certainly used to dating Marines. My high school sweetheart joined the Marine Corps and frankly, prior to 2004, I had dated only Marines. My last island romance left me with a broken heart, and the sense that, it was time to date outside of Marines.

When I arrived to Northern Virginia and was semi-settled in, I began to consider my options for meeting men outside of the Marine Corps. My friends and I went out often…however, we also all went out as a big group of Marines. It became obvious that no man alive would dare infiltrate a group like what we had. I would need some other means.

Out of boredom, I turned to the Internet and came across some adds for online dating sites and decided to try it out. I joined Tickle and later down the road I also joined Yahoo Personals. Again, this was over three years ago…I peeked at the Yahoo Personal Ads the other day and saw pictures of guys from when I was active on the site. Just one of those things that makes you wonder about online activities.

Anyway, my friends all thought I was a little crazy for doing the online dating thing. I figured I had nothing to lose. I wrote a very specific profile of what I was looking for and who I was. I wish I still had my profile information—of what I can recall, it was quite candid and direct. I know I had something written in there about not being interested in men with spaghetti arms and beer guts…

I rapidly learned the pitfalls of online dating and the necessary methods to make the process more efficient. We’ll discuss what those are in future posts and our upcoming Blog Talk Radio Show.

For now, we’ll just say that I went on many, many, many first dates and barely any second dates. Out of probably a hundred or so men I had some sort of contact with, I ended up meeting no one I wanted to date regularly.

I did the online dating thing for probably 6-9 months, along with setting-up a MySpace profile. I stopped for about two years, and a little while ago, I started dabbling with meeting men online through Craigslist’s Personals. Actually, I also tried eHarmony for a few weeks

The last few months have confirmed what I had deduced…online dating is NOT for me. I’ve become a pro at it…I believe it’s an effective way to date and I know it works for many people, just not for me. I’m simply way too, into, having real physical chemistry with someone I date. I’ve met many wonderful, nice, smart, sweet and great guys that I’ve had to turn away because they just didn’t ‘do it’ for me and there was no chemistry. No amount of personality tests or looking at pictures, emailing or even talking on the phone guarantees in-person chemistry.

Here is something interesting though, I still email and chat with men I’ve met online three years ago, but actually never met in real life. They are all mostly in NY…which isn’t that far from here. I often ask myself what’s the point in maintaining contact with them and I never can come up with anything that makes sense, but at the same time—I enjoy the sporadic contact. Who knows!?!

The compilation of the last three years and a few things I’ve noticed and observed is what lead me to develop Why Go Solo. If the solution you’re looking for isn’t there—CREATE IT.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Am I Behind the Eight Ball??!!?

I’m barely 2 months away from finally turning the big THREE-ZERO…yes I know, I keep making a big deal out of that…it’s called having a quarter life crisis. Turning thirty is not something I’m in a hurry to do or something I can avoid for that matter!!

I realize thirty isn’t old, but when it comes to being an entrepreneur in the social network, media and technology sector—being a thirty year old entrepreneur, that does not have a success story under her belt makes me somewhat behind the eight ball to the many young 20 year olds that are out there breaking-into the same business.

Let’s face it, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Flick, Facebook and the list goes on, were all established by young entrepreneurs and innovators. While some are still young, and some have aged...the other common thing they have in common—they are all huge successes.

In his blog titled: Start a Company While you are Young, Wil Schroter, the founder and CEO of Go Big Network encourages young people to try their hands at starting a business. He makes a few valid points—the main point being: What do you have to lose? The answer for most is, nothing.

I’ve been thinking of different business ideas, since I was 8 years old and yet, I never pursued any of them while in high school, or even part time, while in the Marine Corps (mainly because there was no time) but the entrepreneur calling was always there for me. The calling to write has also always been there, but when I was younger many people discouraged me; they said it would be too difficult to make a living as a writer.

I don’t regret any parts of my ten years in the Marine Corps and having served my country. It was an amazing experience which makes me who I am today. I was given leadership and life experiences unparalleled to anything else…I just wish I could have joined the Marine Corps at 12 instead of 17.

The fact is, the majority of the general population will never become entrepreneurs and strike out on their own. The world of entrepreneurship is known and lived by a small percentage of people, and that percentage appears to be getting younger and younger, particularly and obviously in the technology sector. Being a young entrepreneur has a different meaning now. In your mid-thirties, you’re almost expected to be a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive management skills to be worth taking a risk on. CEOs are getting younger and younger as well. The business and corporate landscape has been impacted by this and will continue to shift. There are many different opinions on this matter, this is a post on the same topic with excellent input and feedback in the comment section, A VC: The Age Question.

No matter what, I’m going to continue to carve my way and maintain my mature, but always youthful outlook. Our life experiences are all worth their weight in gold at different times in our lives. I don’t make a habit of comparing myself to others however, I absolutely believe in having and keeping an edge. Sometimes you have to turn up the heat, apply more pressure and get a little more on the ball.

The saying goes something like: it’s never too late. But, here is my take-away for you; if you have been thinking about a business concept/idea and you are simply sitting on it…don’t be surprised when someone 10-15 years younger then you makes it happen.

Get in front or on top of the eight ball!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our Danger in Bootstrapping

I’m a former Marine…so, I am very familiar with the term bootstrapping—the Marine Corps is the smallest of all the U.S. military services and renowned for having a small budget that requires some serious creativity, innovation and bootstrapping. The Marine way of life depends on it ; it’s actually a big part of why Marines are the best trained, the toughest, most motivated and least delusional about what it means to serve.

However, what I’m talking about today is business and financial bootstrapping for a start-up business.
Bootstrapping can be defined as “a collection of methods used to minimize the amount of outside debt and equity financing needed from banks and investors” (Ebben and Johnsen)

I can’t continue to talk about raising funds and capital without answering the one question a lot of people I meet have been asking “Why not bootstrap your venture and start small and slow?” My best and only answer to that is: The Competition. We either start with a bang or we won’t be around to see the second act.

Why Go Solo is going to become part of the social networking and online community realm, which I realize, for the most part is already overpopulated—however, we have a few twists in what we are doing and features that are not part of any one current site or community at this time (to my knowledge). Our problem is this: when we launch, if we don’t make a splash, those sites and other organizations that are not tapping into what we will be providing, can easily steal our thunder and utilize their already massive following to bury us in the ground. Not a pretty picture and a pretty major threat.

That is not to say we are not utilizing some aspects of bootstrapping…I am writing this blog, am I not, and it is on
Blogger, which is free! I’m definitely already expanding energy, time and sweat and we are all prepared to hit the pavement when the time comes to promote, market and sale what we will be offering.

Another major way we are looking into bootstrapping is by taking key equity partners. The right partnership saves time, up front expenses and adds to the pool of knowledge and interested parties who want the business to be a huge success. I sent our business plan this morning, to the owner of a company that would be a perfect equity partner for us and the answer to our current headache.

I’m always looking for ways to save, to be more efficient and to be innovative because that is what makes, breaks and grows a company. There are a few blogs on bootstrapping that are worth taking a look at:
The Bootstrapping Blog, Blog, and The Art of Boostrapping which is part of the How to Change the World Blog by Guy Kawasaki. I'm sure there are many other great blogs and sites on this topic, so feel free to add them in your comments.

We have reached our max of current bootstrapping options and ability to continue to have significant momentum until we are injected with some funding. We have made contact with the Director of Investments at the
Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) and are hoping we qualify for the CIT GAP Fund. The GAP fund is designed to assist companies like us get over the hump of getting enough funding to prove the concept and receive Series A funding. In our case, the funding would allow us to establish a beta site. The beta site would not be for a full launch (for the reason stated above) but rather, to properly prove our concept to Series A type investors.

The story continues...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Initial Listing Rejection From DCBlogs

Last week, I submitted a request to be listed on the DCBlogs’s blog list. I did not hear back from them and since their site states to email again after a week if your blog hasn’t been added, I did just that. The reply I received early this morning ended up getting me all fired up. The reply, in a nutshell, stated that the Why Go Solo blog did not appear to be a good fit; they prefer to list blogs that focus mostly on life and the DC area local neighborhoods.

It’s a funny thing about rejections—for some people it brings them down, while for others, like myself, it’s a great source of motivation.

I replied right away and attempted to better explain the Why Go Solo blog and Why Go Solo. I guess, I have failed to explain this blog thus far and I think, I also failed to do that in the email I sent out this morning—I needed to rush into the shower and get to work. So, with great vigor and added motivation I’m going to do a better job at explaining the Why Go Solo blog.

This blog is about the lives of a few entrepreneurs who are aiming to establish the next trend in social networking and the concept that will make it happen. I know we have many budding and ‘want-to-be’ entrepreneurs in the area. I also wouldn’t be surprised that quite a few folks are interested in learning what life is like for someone who is embracing the risky lifestyle of being an entrepreneur. If there is anybody in this city or any other city that has a colorful, eventful, challenging, and exciting life; as well as a story to tell, it’s an entrepreneur.

Our story is about who we are, our lives, our passions, interests and the process of starting a business—from the birth of an idea, to formulating a plan, establishing a team, finding funding, and overcoming obstacles, to include: growing and learning about yourself, new processes, ways of doing things, partnerships, friendships…you name it!! Bringing an idea and business to life is a roller coaster ride. It’s a thriller, drama, comedy, romance and action film.

Now, on top of all this…we are not simply starting just another business—we are aiming to set a new trend. Why Go Solo will become known the way we now know: MySpace, Facebook, Craigslists and

We are not choosing to start this venture in Silicon Valley, somewhere else on the West Coast or in New York city. We are proudly establishing this amazing venture in the DC, VA and MD area. We are counting on the people of this area to show the nation and eventually the world what we are capable of doing and accomplishing.

What seems like perhaps an insignificant blog at this time, will become the tracking of an ongoing story of how to become a huge success and multi-millionaire by following your dreams, overcoming struggles, believing in possibilities and keeping a positive attitude.

This blog is alive and unfolding a wonderful story while educating, coaching, assisting and hopefully, also motivating people.

I have said this before, I believe in the strength of the concept of Why Go Solo, our abilities and our story…I hope we get added to DCBlogs, but if we don’t, I will wait for that faithful day that will come sooner or later when someone ON DCBlogs will blog ABOUT Why Go Solo.

I’m that confident…it’s simply a matter of time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Grubstake Breakfast

What a long day this has been…but, I don’t want to end it, without first, getting this post out. Today, Martin and I, were finally in a room with VCs!! We attended the Grubstake Breakfast this morning, which is hosted three times a year, by the Business Alliance of George Mason University at the McLean Hilton, in McLean, Virginia.

Our wonderful Banker Judy arranged for us to be there. The way it works, eligible companies seeking $250,000 to $2 million in investment capital apply for the opportunity to make a formal presentation to a panel of investors and to an audience of other investors, fellow entrepreneurs, potential strategic partners, and other interested parties. After each presentation, the panel and the audience provide feedback and ask questions.

The companies that presented this morning were:

And The Learning Accelerator—can’t find a website for them.

I won’t critique the presentations or presenters since, frankly, who am I do to so…however, I will state how surprisingly different each presenters were, although, they all used the same basic six slides. The companies ranged from different industries and each presenters had a style of his/her own. One of the presenters did break a few of the: “How to properly pitch VCs rules”, I have been reading about. Four out of the five companies had the CEO presenting and one did not, which I thought was odd.

The other thing I found rather annoying was when a presenter used to terms “our secret sauce”--be it in their presentation or while answering questions, I decided that, that is one expression I will stay away from using.

The panel of VCs consisted of:
Hannah Clifford from InterSouth Partners, Mark Frantz from RedShift Ventures and S. Tien Wong from Opus8. Each member of the panel asked 1 to 2 questions to the presenters. None of the questions were tricky or difficult.

I walked away knowing that I could definitely, and with ease, do that type of presentation in this meduim and nail it. We will submit to present next quarter and will hopefully be selected, that is unless, we have raised the money by then.

We didn’t get to speak directly to any of the VCs, but we did meet a couple of interesting people and leads to potential funding.

As our first event of this nature, I feel it was a success and a good learning experience. I know, believe and am confident about what we have to offer, the potential of Why Go Solo and our abilities.

We will look for more of these type of events and will become regular attendees. That's really the way to do it. People, as in other entrepreneurs, investors, and supporting organizations have to see you at the events, get to know you, network with you and then, over time, more and more opportunities begin to present themselves.
We just have to remember...even taking baby steps, will eventually get you to the the top of Mt. Everest!

Give me my Password...

Please. Pretty Please. For crying out loud!! I want my password. Okay, I realize the fact that I don’t have my password is my fault—I have good excuse for that, but come on, a little customer service and support from MySpace wouldn’t hurt either.

I attempted to retrieve my password multiple times by submitting my email address and although I get the message that my password was sent to my email address…nothing ever arrives into my inbox.

I have also sent out a few emails to MySpace support, which are obviously lost in the mix, and no one at MySpace cares. May be I need to email them everyday, but who has that kind of time!?!?

I really want to get back into my MySpace Profile for a few reasons:

1) To gain the option to delete it. Thankfully, at the same time I changed my password I also updated my profile. When I created the profile, back in 2004, I was in a different place and had a different mind set, then I do now. I’m starting to worry about some of my friends selection back then.

I ran into one of my MySpace friends that used to live in California on Craigslis in Washington DC—he was looking for a bi-girl for him and his girlfriend in the men seeking women section. It’s a small and somewhat scary cyber world.

You would think since I haven’t logged-in for 18 months that they would automatically delete the profile…

2) To update it. May be, I don’t really need to delete it, but I definitely want to update it and may be, start using it again.

3) Avoid creating a new profile. I already have “friends” in my old profile, albeit some dubious ones, but friends none the less, and comments, messages and what not. I really don’t want to create a new profile. Plus, I was on MySpace before it became what it is today…I want to keep my seniority!! I realize this is semi-illogical and pathetic thinking…

This makes me wonder out of the 160,000,000 members on MySpace how many of those are duplicates??

So why did I change my password? When I first established my profile I was single, when I changed my profile and password it was because I was in a relationship. My boyfriend at the time, had a habit of snooping and I felt it was safer to change my password, as well as, the content and pictures I had posted. I changed it to something that was completely different from all my other passwords…so different, in fact, that I can’t for the life of me remember what it is!!

I guess at some point, if I want to have a presence on MySpace again, I’ll have to bite the bullet and create a new profile.

Why Go Solo is going to have excellent customer and service support to avoid this from happening.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Local Online Community on HOT 99.5

Hot 99.5 in Washington ,DC has started their own local online community called the Hot Spot. The reasoning behind the Hot Spot, according to their website and radio commercials, is that, since online communities such as Facebook and Myspace have millions of members you end up lost in the crowd and unable to find people you have things in common with…therefore, you need something more local.

First, that makes no sense. Common sense tells you, the more people on a site, the greater your odds of finding people you have things in common with…plus, since those sites are designed for you to invite your friends to join you--you would think, the people you invite to be your friends are people that interest you and you have things in common with…same with the folks whose invitations you accept.

However, don’t get me wrong, the idea is a good one—it’s a good one—because it enables you to be connected online to people that are closer to your area, listening to the same radio station, and knowledgeable about the same community and events. It’s also a great deal for the radio station (see my cash cow comment below).

I have browsed through the Hot Spot. The layout of the website and profile pages are decent and basically resemble all the to other online communities out there. I have not joined yet and not sure I will.

I listen to HOT 99.5 throughout the day for the music, but I really don’t like the DJs or the topics they select to talk about. It’s definitely a younger and immature level of intellect, selection of issues and subjects compared to the DJs on 93.9 WKYS
and WPGC 99.5 and my morning show of choice is Elliot in the Morning on DC101. I realize the maturity level on Elliot’s show is often lacking…but at least, it’s FUNNY.

What I’m a little taken back by is how long it’s taken them to reach 10,000 members. Especially when you consider, how easily they are able to get the word out over the air. They are now offering to pay out $10,000, once they reach, 10,000 members. Yeah, I would certainly hope so, since they are running advertisement on their site, and will be able to cash in with local advertisers in a BIG way. Not surprised the plan is to turn the Hot Spot into a big money cow for the radio station.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens next and who, if anyone, will follow suit.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Sky is the Limit

Back in late April, once we had the business plan done; we started sending out emails to people we knew, who might know people with money, who might be interested in investing in Why Go Solo. We basically began soliciting for investors.

Shortly after the email blast, our lawyer sent us an email to inform us of the blue sky law. I have a saying: “The sky is not the limit…there are no limits.” Well, turns out, when it comes to soliciting unaccredited investors there are some limits, 35 to be more exact, in the state on Virginia. We can legally solicit 35 unaccredited investors without first seeking the approval of our state or federal officials. Our lawyer recommended we start keeping track…

A blue sky law is a state law in the United States that regulates the offering and sale of securities to protect the public from fraud. Though the specific provisions of these laws vary between states, they all require the registration of all securities offerings and sales, as well as of stock brokers and brokerage firms. Each state's blue sky law is administered by its appropriate regulatory agency, and most also provide private causes of action for private investors who have been injured by securities fraud.

Great, I thought. There’s always a catch and there’s always something. When our lawyer sent out the email he did not mention that there is a difference between an unaccredited investor and an accredited investor.

Accredited investor is a term defined by U.S. securities laws that delineates investors permitted to invest in certain types of higher risk investments, limited partnerships, and angel investor networks. The term generally includes wealthy individuals and organizations such as a corporation, endowment or retirement plans.

For an individual to be considered an accredited investor, he must have a net worth of at least one million US dollars or have made at least $200,000 each year for the last two years ($300,000 with his or her spouse if married) and have the expectation to make the same amount this year. This rule came into effect in 1933 by way of the Securities Act of 1933.

Once I knew the difference between the type of investors, I realized that the law made sense. We also rapidly realized that an email blast isn’t going to result in finding investors. Also, accredited investors are obviously more knowledgeable, better equipped to invest, provide help and increase your chances of success. Plus, accredited investors are in the business of making investments—so it’s typically less of a hassle and risk for the entrepreneurs.
Update: Check out Ask the VC, turns out they posted on the same topic.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Pride and Ego at Play

What a ride the last few days have been! First, sorry for keeping you in suspense—I did get the job at Vitalia MedSpa…as a matter of fact, I interviewed on Wednesday at noon and was told I had the job before 5pm the same day.

I was happy and excited to find out I had the job and at the same time I felt like crying. Not tears of joy—tears of change. For most of the last two years , except for a stint at Starbucks (yes, I worked for two months as a barista) and some freelance coaching with Career Services International; I’ve been working for myself…setting my own hours, setting the pace and only answering to me. It’s been difficult at times and at times very boring, but to be honest, being self-employed is the only option for me.

On Thursday, I went in to work for some training and briefings. I came home Thursday evening, after being stuck in traffic, completely exhausted. The entire day involved dealing with more emotions related to the whole situation I'm in and I realized how much my ego and pride were key players to me feeling bruised, hurt, discontent, out of place and under new constraints.

Everyone is fabulous and wonderful and the new job, is indeed, a perfect fit…the way I feel has nothing to do with that…it has everything to do with me. I am currently not where I imagined myself to be in life. I have fallen short of my expectations, my desires and my goals. I can’t think, nor see myself, as just someone who works for someone else. I can’t have others see me or think of me that way either. I really thought, that by now, I would be further along in building my own empire.

About two weeks ago, I went to the movies with someone I met online through Craigslist. After explaining what I was doing to him, he replied: “So you’re unemployed?” I wanted to cuss at him and get up and leave. I realized, of course, that he was just calling it the way he saw it. I replied with: “You’re obviously not a visionary.” But his comment, unfortunately, stayed with me and it took me a few days to digest it. That is not what drove me to get a job, paying the bills is what brought me to get a job, but everything is wrapped up together and suspended all around me.

I know what I’m capable of doing and yet, it’s not happening. I’ve been brewing on this a lot more. Given that I am trained as a coach, I understand that there is no value in our ego or in our pride. Neither are useful when it comes to reaching real happiness, contentment, or spiritual growth. My worth, my confidence and who I am is not rooted in what I do, accomplish and possess, but guess what—I’m HUMAN. My ego and pride do come out and play…they do drive me to perform better, to achieve more and to reach higher levels of success. I think BIG and I want BIG things to happen in my life and for my life.

I’m a little (as in very) pissed off that I’m not where I want to be and I’m determined to turn up the heat and get there.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Temporary Homepage

Very short post!! Just want to announce that our temporary homepage is up!! Check it out...I realize it's not much and takes you right back here but still, I'm pretty happy with it :)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Weight of Doing Business

By weight…I mean literally, as in 15 pounds. That’s how much weight I gained starting my first business. I got out of the Marine Corps after coming back from Iraq, so I was lean and in the best shape of my life. I started my life coaching practice and found myself against a steep how-to-run-a-business learning curve, which I felt, I needed to master right away. I buried myself into reading, writing, networking and learning. I also went through a break-up about the same time. The stress, the pressure, and the sense of urgency I was feeling allowed me to justify skipping the gym and eating a whole lot of chocolate.

Since I was working mostly at home and wearing sweats or pajamas all day…I couldn’t necessarily tell just how much weight I was gaining. Eventually, it was time for me to really get out there, which meant networking in person and putting on clothes—that’s when I had to face the horror that was my new weight. Everything I owned felt tight and some clothes didn’t fit me at all anymore.

I bought some new clothes through Weekenders, which for the most part, come with elastic bands and no size designators. I was determined to get back in the gym, but just couldn’t find the motivation. Plus, I was attending all kinds of networking events with all sorts of crappy food (I mean really, are there any healthy finger food choices?), as well as, going to lunches and dinners. This only compounded the problem.

I think a lot of start-up business owners make the same mistake. We hear it all the time, that to be successful you must dedicate all of yourself to your business. We work around the clock and neglect everything else in our lives. We also get busy and grab whatever we can get to eat--when we remember to eat.

I finally got the motivation to get back into the gym when I knew my business was failing; turned out, all the sacrifices I made for it, didn’t make a lick of a difference. The other factor that really motivated me is this---and pay close attention. You are GUARANTEED RESULTS when you exercise and diet. The equation is simple. Not always easy to follow, but simple.

Discipline + Hard Work (in regards to diet and exercise) = Results.

There is nothing else in life that can provide you the same guarantees. Think about it for a second...for me, it was a slap in the face and a concept I really wanted to come home to.

I did everything I could to make my business successful and it still didn’t work out. No matter how well you follow the rules of business you are NOT guaranteed results. That really jumped-started my workouts and motivated me…I needed results somewhere in my life!!

I’ve been back in the gym and being conscious of what I eat since January. I have lost weight and inches. I’m also starting to feel pretty amazing again. I will never again place my health and well being on the back burner for any future businesses, to include, Why Go Solo.

This also applies to your loved ones, your interests, friends and family…yes, you must dedicate a lot of time and yourself into a new venture and business, but that won’t guarantee your success--you want to keep your life and have something to go back to, when it’s all said and done.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Vitalia Medspa, Family Business or Sin City

The title states my three current options. I had an interview today at Vitalia Medspa. The position I interviewed for is a sales and marketing job. I was fortunate enough to get the interview through a wonderful friend of mine. I feel the interview went really well and I have to admit this is the perfect job for me while I wait for the funding and future of Why Go Solo to unfold.

I mean, HELLO, it’s a Medspa and I’m one girl who would love to get the hair removal procedure done and the body contouring and cellulite improvement…So, you better believe that I can sell it and promote it along with the other products and services. Also, it’s a position that is all about networking, meeting people, creating relationships, building rapport and it offers great flexibility. I honestly liked the owner, everyone was nice and it was a great environment. It’s a match--I really want the job. I should know by Friday!! Keep your fingers cross for me.

If, by great chance, I have truly entered a phase of absolute bad luck and complete disagreement with the entire Universe (in that, I just can’t get anything I actually want) then I have two other options.

Option #1: My older brother wants me to come work with him in what he calls the “family business”. My dad and brothers have been in construction basically all their lives. It has NEVER appealed to me. Anyway, a year or so ago, my older brother struck out on his own and started a mold remediation business on top of doing construction work. He would like for me to join him in order to do the networking, schmoozing and selling, which he doesn’t necessarily like or excel at. He would also love to get me involved and gain the woman and veteran owned status, in order to move along on the GSA schedule. He would probably push me to get my disability papers in to the VA (Veteran Affair) too…I haven’t because I hate doing paper work, which is the other thing, my brother would want me to get involved in.

I love my brother dearly and I know he and I would make a killer team but, and this is a big BUT, this would require me to move to Massachusetts. I hate Massachusetts. Hey, this is nothing against anyone who lives there. We’re not talking about Boston or the Boston area here…we are talking about Western Mass. There’s nothing there. Think about it, who would leave the DC, MD and VA area to go to an area that has nothing and gets freezing cold in the winter!! I’m hurting and semi-desperate—yeah, still a hard one to swallow. Oh, and mold remediation and construction aren’t exactly on my list of top things to be involved in either. Lets see—MedSpa or mold remediation??

Option#2: “Yeah, come on over. I have a spare bedroom with bed and everything. You can stay as long as you want and would have nothing to worry about.” Those were the words of one of my friends, yesterday. We met on Okinawa 4-5 years ago. He lives in Las Vegas. I would leave DC, MD and VA to head out West…especially when there’s a place waiting for me and all I have to do is pack my clothes. He also mentioned how Vegas is a great transition town and he would start looking for jobs for me in sales and marketing. A part of me doesn’t mind that option at all. However, we were planning on starting Why Go Solo in VA (it’s already incorporated in VA) and my business partner and all other associated team players are in VA. I couldn’t leave without keeping my townhouse and a way to come back once the funding came in. It’s tricky, but might be doable.

What I really want is money to drop on my lap, but realistically, my best option is the job at Vitalia Medspa…we’ll wait and see--then look at the other options if that doesn’t pan out.

Defining Moment

We all have certain defining moments in our lives which have shaped the course of our lives; moments that have propel our lives in new unforeseen directions, brought us great joy or sorrow and growth. There are a few factors that can bring about defining moments and one of the most common factor is: meeting someone new.

Life is a journey, that for many of us, rapidly becomes a routine and a series of patterns. We find ourselves unhappy and bored. We start wondering if there’s more to it all and how we might go about changing things up.

Well, meeting someone new can be the catalyst to: exploring who you are, getting a new job, finding romance, trying out something different, discovering fresh ideas and options, getting a huge contract, making a sale and who knows what else.

Once you reach your hand out to someone and introduce yourself…you open up the door of possibilities that reside in the interaction, experience and openness of meeting someone new.

When was the last time you met someone new? What happened? What did you learn? What did you discover about yourself?