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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Forward Momentum

Forward momentum is what keeps you sane when nothing seems to be happening around you and all seems lost. It doesn’t matter how big or small the momentum is—as long as, you keep some momentum going. Becoming stagnant, allowing a sense of defeat, or paying attention to your inner gremlins are all likely to eventually make you give up.

If you read my previous post from last night, you know what my state of mind has been and the only way for me to not go into despair is to keep forward momentum. Writing this blog is forward momentum for Why Go Solo because this is actually part of the business plan. One of the way, we are planning to stand apart from the many other online communities is by staying closely connected to everyone and keeping you well informed. Therefore, if I keep writing and I keep posting, I’m on track and making progress.

I’m guessing you have probably figured this out based on my previous posts; I’m not a fan of slow progress. Although, I do not necessarily want faster progress as it relates to this, but rather, greater progress. It’s one thing to have the blog going, but it’s a whole other ball game to have a popular and often read blog. I would consider that, greater progress.

With that in mind, I am undertaking the task of getting the Why Go Solo Blog on the “map”. I have added a visitor counter. Each week, I will aim to increase the number of visits to our blog.

I have requested a quote to finally get a temporary homepage set-up for which will have a link to this site/blog. It’s been bothering me that we have a domain and no temporary homepage. I think it’s very unprofessional and I want that remedied. I have also updated our business card template and added the blog’s url to it, so I can get cards printed and get started on handing them out.

I also need to do additional homework and research on the best ways to optimize traffic to our blog.

Once we have more blog postings and our temporary homepage up, I feel we will make a stronger impression on most potential investors and shall then pursue finding them with more vigor.

Those are not huge leaps forward; they are simply part of maintaining forward momentum and the dream alive. Even baby steps will eventually get you to the top of Mt. Everest.

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