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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Give me my Password...

Please. Pretty Please. For crying out loud!! I want my password. Okay, I realize the fact that I don’t have my password is my fault—I have good excuse for that, but come on, a little customer service and support from MySpace wouldn’t hurt either.

I attempted to retrieve my password multiple times by submitting my email address and although I get the message that my password was sent to my email address…nothing ever arrives into my inbox.

I have also sent out a few emails to MySpace support, which are obviously lost in the mix, and no one at MySpace cares. May be I need to email them everyday, but who has that kind of time!?!?

I really want to get back into my MySpace Profile for a few reasons:

1) To gain the option to delete it. Thankfully, at the same time I changed my password I also updated my profile. When I created the profile, back in 2004, I was in a different place and had a different mind set, then I do now. I’m starting to worry about some of my friends selection back then.

I ran into one of my MySpace friends that used to live in California on Craigslis in Washington DC—he was looking for a bi-girl for him and his girlfriend in the men seeking women section. It’s a small and somewhat scary cyber world.

You would think since I haven’t logged-in for 18 months that they would automatically delete the profile…

2) To update it. May be, I don’t really need to delete it, but I definitely want to update it and may be, start using it again.

3) Avoid creating a new profile. I already have “friends” in my old profile, albeit some dubious ones, but friends none the less, and comments, messages and what not. I really don’t want to create a new profile. Plus, I was on MySpace before it became what it is today…I want to keep my seniority!! I realize this is semi-illogical and pathetic thinking…

This makes me wonder out of the 160,000,000 members on MySpace how many of those are duplicates??

So why did I change my password? When I first established my profile I was single, when I changed my profile and password it was because I was in a relationship. My boyfriend at the time, had a habit of snooping and I felt it was safer to change my password, as well as, the content and pictures I had posted. I changed it to something that was completely different from all my other passwords…so different, in fact, that I can’t for the life of me remember what it is!!

I guess at some point, if I want to have a presence on MySpace again, I’ll have to bite the bullet and create a new profile.

Why Go Solo is going to have excellent customer and service support to avoid this from happening.


Sofcore said...

I'm curious... Did you ever get your password?

Hope you did, and hope you terminated your account with MySpace. Unless you're "into that kind-of-thing" MySpace is not really a worthwhile SNS.

Of course, this is just my opinion.


Ann Bernard said...

Nope, I never did get my password. I realize the drawbacks and pitfalls of my MySpace...which is why we are starting Why Go Solo. I agree with one of the posts I read on your site about joining communities that are more about truly enabling social interaction and networking.

Sofcore said...

I'm glad you read some of the posts on my blog. Heck, I'm glad someone is reading them. ;)

Feel free to come back. In the meantime, I'll be keeping an eye on Why Go Solo. :)