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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tough Last Two Days

I am absolutely drained and exhausted right now. My A/C broke a few days ago and yesterday, I finally had a tech come out to look at it. After inspecting the A/C unit, which is well over 20 years old, he told me that entire unit needed to be replaced. Not only did the unit need replacing, but all the lines running to the outside portion need to be changed as well. This involves digging holes in my ceiling and on the wall. The quote was somewhere around $7,000 and that didn’t include the dry wall work.

I wanted to cry…I came very close to crying. It’s tough enough that I had to get a job to pay my regular bills, while I wait for Why Go Solo to get off the ground…now, I was facing a huge bill I simply could not cover. My options were limited since you can’t be without A/C in this area, in the summertime.

I won’t get into details…but the problem is getting taking cared of and it’s not going to cost me $7,000. Sometimes you call in favors…sometimes you have to be prepared to owe favors.

The emotions of starting a start-up are significant on their own, so it’s really a killer when you have to throw personal and everyday crap on top of it.

To top it all off—I haven’t been sleeping well. The reason why is in the picture on the top left corner of this post. That’s my rabbit, Mr. Boogey Boo. He always wakes me up every morning at 5:45 am, no matter what day of the week it is, which is a real nuisance, but to make matters worst, these last few nights, he’s been waking me up throughout the night.

Yes, he is a free roaming rabbit in my bedroom. He has completely DESTROYED my room and I’ve been tolerating that. Him keeping me up at night, is just too much. He jumps into bed and will lick my hands, nose or arms. I feel his whiskers tickling me and if that doesn’t work, he’ll take little bites. It used to be cute…it’s not anymore.

It’s like when you first get into a relationship. The other person’s quirks are cute at the beginning and somewhere along the line they become annoying.

Boogey is gonna have to go. This breaks my heart, but I simply cannot spend my days exhausted. I believe in the moto: Live Free or Die. I can’t imagine caging him up when he’s been free all his life. I need to call the veterinarian and find out what’s the best thing I can do. The rabbit rescue shelters around here are all full. I definitely want to mention the fact that Boogey was given to me as a gift. I did not go out to the pet store and buy him. I didn’t ask for him either. I love him and he’s a wonderful cuddler. He just doesn’t know when enough is enough.

If you can think of a different alternative I’m all ears.

I have a lot of work I need to get done…and all I want is a nap.

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