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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Road to Funding (Part II): An Extension of the Business Plan

What exactly are investors looking for, besides the obvious—a venture that will make them money. Which by the way, a venture that will make them money will have the following features: the venture is easily scalable; the venture has a wide, but specific market/niche and it’s a venture that answers a specific and obvious need that is currently not being addressed.

I’m absolutely positive, Why Go Solo, has all of those characteristics and endless potential…it’s not a hard sell there or an issue. (Well, at least not to me!!)

The next big thing that investors will thoroughly investigate and screen is the management team. Does the management team, with the associated outside resources added to the mix and the board of advisors, have the abilities, skills, know-how, passion, conviction and drive necessary to make the venture happen and successful.

Once again, I’m absolutely positive the team assembled to bring Why Go Solo to life is indeed, currently, well up to the challenge. However, this is a little of a harder sell. Main reason why? Me.

It would appear that as the CEO of Why Go Solo, I will be undertaking many duties in areas that are unknown to me. That is, if you went ahead and only looked at my resume. A resume that is filled with previous positions or billets held in the past that does very little to truly expose the real abilities, skills and depth of everything I can do and have done.

I would obviously not state in my resume the many hours spent on online communities, the countless first dates from online dating sites, Yahoo personals or Craigslist. I would also not list on my resume the people I have helped and assisted in making online dating successful for them, or my true natural knack for meeting people everywhere I go. I would also happen to skip mentioning my gift for writing personal ads, answering personal ads, creating captivating online profiles, etc. Nor, would I fully share the pain, agony and annoyance I know many people are feeling out there from being single, too busy, shy and disconnected.

That is exactly why this blog is becoming an extension of not only, the business plan, but also of my resume. The blog allows me to show what I know, to prove what I can do and to begin to bring to life…Why Go Solo.

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