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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Demise

I was in Borders today and I grabbed my usual stack of magazines: Business 2.0, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Company and Inc. Magazine, which had a great article: How to Kill a Great Idea! The story written by Max Chafkin, enlightens us on the amazing and unprecedented failure of one of this decades most innovative start-up—Friendster. The story compiles the input and view of Friendster’s founder Jonathan Abrams on how it all ended up going wrong.

My big take away and bottom line of what happened--does nothing to help ease my mind about going after and getting VC funding.

The other funny part was learning a little more about Abrams’s initial vision for Friendster and how Why Go Solo comes into to play by being the next generation of it, while making a full 180 degrees change to it.

The Friendster fiasco aside, the concept Jonathan Abrams created and implemented gets him, at least from me, tremendous respect. Social networking is what he invented…and that is definitely NOT a failure. It’s only been 5 years, that’s right—5 short years, since the birth of online communities and social networking and already, they are making a huge impact on our society.

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