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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Brass Balls, Got em'?!?! Great, Let's Talk

Asking my father for money required me to really dig deep, grab hold and just go ahead and do it. That was last Tuesday…on Sunday, a call from my older brother that started casual, but was really about a new layer to the whole my getting some money, unveiled a lot of stuff that brought much pain, hurt, anger, relief and answers.

I truly, truly want my life to run smoothly and with ease. However, that’s not what I’ve ever gotten. Instead I keep taking beatings…and I keep getting back up because it’s not going to be over until I say it’s over. Like always, I’m facing the pain I’m feeling head on, I’m choosing to look on the bright side of the situation and I’m also electing to not hold a grudge and to simply forgive. And that is all part of having Brass Balls.

Here are all the traits and characteristics it takes to be a person with REAL Brass Balls (according to Ann):

Admit Weaknesses and Ask for Help: We all have them. We all have weaknesses but only those will real strength and wisdom will admit their weaknesses to themselves and to those who need to know them. You can’t be provided assistance and help…if you don’t admit, show or ask for it. You also can’t work on and improve your weak areas without first facing the fact that they exist.

Admit Wrongs and Mistakes/Say you are Sorry: A person with brass balls will easily say “Hey, I’m sorry. I was wrong about a, b, and c.” Or, “I made a mistake and I have learned. I will not make the same mistake again.”

Forgive Those That Do you Wrong: It takes an even bigger set of brass balls to forgive those who do us wrong. To accept that people are not perfect. We all make mistakes and whether or not the other person is asking for forgiveness, offer forgiveness, because there’s no point in carrying pain, anger and hurt around.

Express Feelings and Emotions: To speak and communicate your true emotions and how you feel is a very difficult thing to do…and a thing most people avoid at all cost, when in reality, having the brass balls to express yourself fixes lots of problems. Saying: I’m hurt, I’m angry, I’m feeling mad, I’m feeling so much pain, I’m proud, I’m happy, I’m disappointed—the list is long and we all know it…a person with brass balls expresses it.

Tell the Truth: You’ve got a pair?!?! Then you don’t lie. You tell the truth, and in sticky, difficult situations, you use lots of tact to do it, but you still tell the truth. People want to hear and be told the truth. No one wants lies, empty promises, and make belief stories. The truth shall set you free.

Address issues: This is similar to telling the truth, but a little more intense. The person with brass balls is the person who calls out the pink elephant that’s in the room. Who doesn’t avoid addressing the real issues head on and calling it (tactfully) the way they see it.

Face Fears: A person with brass balls is not without fears. They are, however, armed with courage and bravery. It might take time to face certain fears ,but they don’t avoid it, run away from it or try to bury it. Here’s a good cliché: There’s nothing to fear but fear itself. Don’t allow fear to stop you from being all that you are meant to be and to reach your full potential. Dig deep and check out what’s down there.

Face Challenges: Much like fear…people with brass balls will take on and face the challenges they encounter. Some people go after them and create them…but that’s not a requirement to earning your brass balls.

Think Positively: A person with brass balls has a positive attitude and outlook on life. They see no point in being any other way. Being positive is what makes you strong mentally. Being mentally strong is what helps you be strong emotionally and physically.

Deal with Uncertainty and the Unknown: This is a key component to having brass balls. A person with true, solid brass balls has NO COMFORT ZONES. They live comfortably in an environment of uncertainty and unknown. They possess supreme confidence and are prepared to face anything that comes their way.

I’m personally always working on increasing the size of my brass balls…of course, I mean that figuratively!! And so should YOU.

If you google the words Brass'll get some interesting sites. On one of the sites you can send out a Ballz-O-Gram. Click on the picture if interested.

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Trik said...

Ann - for what it's worth, you have what it takes. You have brass balls and more. I hope you take that as a compliment, because it is. You're gonna make this thing work, I can feel it. And I'm a visionary on feelings like this. :)