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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Am I Behind the Eight Ball??!!?

I’m barely 2 months away from finally turning the big THREE-ZERO…yes I know, I keep making a big deal out of that…it’s called having a quarter life crisis. Turning thirty is not something I’m in a hurry to do or something I can avoid for that matter!!

I realize thirty isn’t old, but when it comes to being an entrepreneur in the social network, media and technology sector—being a thirty year old entrepreneur, that does not have a success story under her belt makes me somewhat behind the eight ball to the many young 20 year olds that are out there breaking-into the same business.

Let’s face it, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Flick, Facebook and the list goes on, were all established by young entrepreneurs and innovators. While some are still young, and some have aged...the other common thing they have in common—they are all huge successes.

In his blog titled: Start a Company While you are Young, Wil Schroter, the founder and CEO of Go Big Network encourages young people to try their hands at starting a business. He makes a few valid points—the main point being: What do you have to lose? The answer for most is, nothing.

I’ve been thinking of different business ideas, since I was 8 years old and yet, I never pursued any of them while in high school, or even part time, while in the Marine Corps (mainly because there was no time) but the entrepreneur calling was always there for me. The calling to write has also always been there, but when I was younger many people discouraged me; they said it would be too difficult to make a living as a writer.

I don’t regret any parts of my ten years in the Marine Corps and having served my country. It was an amazing experience which makes me who I am today. I was given leadership and life experiences unparalleled to anything else…I just wish I could have joined the Marine Corps at 12 instead of 17.

The fact is, the majority of the general population will never become entrepreneurs and strike out on their own. The world of entrepreneurship is known and lived by a small percentage of people, and that percentage appears to be getting younger and younger, particularly and obviously in the technology sector. Being a young entrepreneur has a different meaning now. In your mid-thirties, you’re almost expected to be a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive management skills to be worth taking a risk on. CEOs are getting younger and younger as well. The business and corporate landscape has been impacted by this and will continue to shift. There are many different opinions on this matter, this is a post on the same topic with excellent input and feedback in the comment section, A VC: The Age Question.

No matter what, I’m going to continue to carve my way and maintain my mature, but always youthful outlook. Our life experiences are all worth their weight in gold at different times in our lives. I don’t make a habit of comparing myself to others however, I absolutely believe in having and keeping an edge. Sometimes you have to turn up the heat, apply more pressure and get a little more on the ball.

The saying goes something like: it’s never too late. But, here is my take-away for you; if you have been thinking about a business concept/idea and you are simply sitting on it…don’t be surprised when someone 10-15 years younger then you makes it happen.

Get in front or on top of the eight ball!!


Bowrag said...

So what are you going to create?

I have always wondered what I would create and instead I have created hot air.

Ann Bernard said...

We are creating what we hope is the next big trend in socializing and networking...we don't want our society to simply hang out online all the time!!