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Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Other HUGE Aspiration

Besides building a business empire...there is one other MAJOR accomplishment I want in life--to do an Eco Challenge Race. I just received this email: ANN, hey you interested in the eco challenge. Call me at 713-XXX-XXX tomorrow, the eco challenge registration starts this weekend and we get a year to prep. I will give you the details when you call. The sender of the email is a former Force Recon Marine I met in Iraq. The whole team would be made up of former special operations guys...and me!!

Well, as if there wasn't enough going on right!?!? You better believe I'll be calling him. Time to make all my dreams come true.


aaaUnion (a3union) said...

I also have dreams. This what makes us strive to do better in life. I admire the sentiments you have for such big dreams. And though this suggestion might not really be of help to you. I would like you to check out this site and decide for yourself. It's like a bank savings account but it gives you more interest. Maybe this will help you reach your DREAMS... :D

Andolini said...

It's good that I stumbled into this blog. I admire you guys. Good luck and looking forward to more of your updates.