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This blog is about the lives of a few entrepreneurs who are aiming to establish the next trend in social networking and the concept that will make it happen. Since our venture is all about connecting people together, we want to be involved and connected to you and we want you to be involved and connected to us. We'll be sharing with you: who we are, how we got started, how we’re doing and where we’re going...we're taking you along for the ride!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Call of the Entrepreneur

I came across this video in another entrepreneur's newsletter (Frank Felker) a few months ago. It really motivated me back then...and it motivates me now more then ever. I wanted to share it, especially with the other entrepreneurs who are reading this blog and the many people who are thinking about taking the leap of faith and starting their own business.

Our quest is picking up speed and we are grateful for everyone who are joining us, on the ride.

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