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This blog is about the lives of a few entrepreneurs who are aiming to establish the next trend in social networking and the concept that will make it happen. Since our venture is all about connecting people together, we want to be involved and connected to you and we want you to be involved and connected to us. We'll be sharing with you: who we are, how we got started, how we’re doing and where we’re going...we're taking you along for the ride!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Initial Listing Rejection From DCBlogs

Last week, I submitted a request to be listed on the DCBlogs’s blog list. I did not hear back from them and since their site states to email again after a week if your blog hasn’t been added, I did just that. The reply I received early this morning ended up getting me all fired up. The reply, in a nutshell, stated that the Why Go Solo blog did not appear to be a good fit; they prefer to list blogs that focus mostly on life and the DC area local neighborhoods.

It’s a funny thing about rejections—for some people it brings them down, while for others, like myself, it’s a great source of motivation.

I replied right away and attempted to better explain the Why Go Solo blog and Why Go Solo. I guess, I have failed to explain this blog thus far and I think, I also failed to do that in the email I sent out this morning—I needed to rush into the shower and get to work. So, with great vigor and added motivation I’m going to do a better job at explaining the Why Go Solo blog.

This blog is about the lives of a few entrepreneurs who are aiming to establish the next trend in social networking and the concept that will make it happen. I know we have many budding and ‘want-to-be’ entrepreneurs in the area. I also wouldn’t be surprised that quite a few folks are interested in learning what life is like for someone who is embracing the risky lifestyle of being an entrepreneur. If there is anybody in this city or any other city that has a colorful, eventful, challenging, and exciting life; as well as a story to tell, it’s an entrepreneur.

Our story is about who we are, our lives, our passions, interests and the process of starting a business—from the birth of an idea, to formulating a plan, establishing a team, finding funding, and overcoming obstacles, to include: growing and learning about yourself, new processes, ways of doing things, partnerships, friendships…you name it!! Bringing an idea and business to life is a roller coaster ride. It’s a thriller, drama, comedy, romance and action film.

Now, on top of all this…we are not simply starting just another business—we are aiming to set a new trend. Why Go Solo will become known the way we now know: MySpace, Facebook, Craigslists and

We are not choosing to start this venture in Silicon Valley, somewhere else on the West Coast or in New York city. We are proudly establishing this amazing venture in the DC, VA and MD area. We are counting on the people of this area to show the nation and eventually the world what we are capable of doing and accomplishing.

What seems like perhaps an insignificant blog at this time, will become the tracking of an ongoing story of how to become a huge success and multi-millionaire by following your dreams, overcoming struggles, believing in possibilities and keeping a positive attitude.

This blog is alive and unfolding a wonderful story while educating, coaching, assisting and hopefully, also motivating people.

I have said this before, I believe in the strength of the concept of Why Go Solo, our abilities and our story…I hope we get added to DCBlogs, but if we don’t, I will wait for that faithful day that will come sooner or later when someone ON DCBlogs will blog ABOUT Why Go Solo.

I’m that confident…it’s simply a matter of time.

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Martin Saenz said...

That is unfortunate about DC Blogs. Hopefully they come around and have us listed on their site. As you know, most businesses run a cookie cutter type operation and have trouble shifting gears to allow in new concepts. It almost reinforces the need for Whygosolo, because at WGS we want to include everyone and help everyone achieve any type of relationship they are seeking (within legal bounds, of course).