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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Weekly Recap and Stuff I Missed (wk2)

Eco Challenge Race:
WE’RE IN!! We are team number 27: Team Patriot. The registration sold out in less then 12 hours. We are one of the lucky 75 teams. I’m totally psyched…we have a year to train. I went for a five mile run this morning and I can tell that I have a long way to go to be ready!! Stay tune—I’ll be starting another blog: to promote the team, raise money through sponsorship, pimp out my sexy teammates and share our training experiences with everyone.

I’m not going after the World’s Smartest Man award, but I wouldn’t mind the World’s Toughest Woman award…after all, who in their right mind embarks on establishing a multi-million dollars business, while also, embarking on racing in the one of the world’s toughest race??

Blogging Progress: I want to congratulate Martin on writing his first blog entry on our blog, and congratulate Ruth for making her first comment. They’re slowly getting the hang of this whole blogging thing.

Now, my new challenge is to really work on promoting the blog and increasing our readership. MyBlogLog Profile has received over 1,000 visits since I joined on June 8th, 2007. However, the Why Go Solo blog itself isn’t getting that many visits and we have a crappy ranking with Technorati.

I want to congratulate Bowrag ,who also only started his blog less then a month ago, and yet, he is kicking our butts on rankings. His blog: Bowrag’s Blog tells of his experience as an assistant principal at an Alternative High School in the great city of Houston, Texas. Talk about the good bad and ugly of our society. I watched the movie Half Nelson last night (I needed a movie break) with Ryan Gosling, and Shareeka Epps. It made me think of Bowrag…although the movie has a twist--the drug user is the history teacher, not a student. I wonder if Bowrag has ever had to deal with teachers who were using drugs??

I'm going to work a little harder on creating some solid and useful link exchange.

Mr. Boogey Boo: He’s still alive and well. My roommate can’t fathom the thought of putting him down…so, she spoke to one of the vets that’s in her aerobics’ class and he agreed to speak to the other rabbit owners he knows; to see if they would adopt him and he will also allow us to post a flyer at his clinic. I haven’t made the flyer yet…Boogey has been behaving a little better and I might not be quite ready to give him up. Here are two pictures of Boogey and me, the day I got him, almost two years ago.

Business Plan Scrubbing: That’s not going so hot. I’m experiencing some serious ADD syndromes and having a hard time focusing on getting the actual work done. I think this post is a way for me continue my procrastination. It’s definitely next on my list.

I want to extend a thank you to Steven (labruinbear) whom I met on MyBlogLog. We communicated back and forth and shared our business ideas. First let me say that Steven is very internet and business savvy. He might be an entrepreneur wanna be…but he’s tackling everything aggressively and he is extremely intelligent. Definitely check-out his blog because he will be making some big things happen soon. Second, I want to point out that Steven provided me the best feedback I’ve received to-date on our Executive Summary which I sent out to him. You really can and do meet stellar people online.

I have some serious tasks to tackle so let me go ahead and get going!!


Buensancho said...

Great Blog and Great Idea!
It maked me wish (again!!) this could be possible here in Venezuela, but is not at this time, or at least not for everyone at this time, because we are living "hard times". (Don't worry Martin, I'm still positive!, I know this will change for better quit soon).
Great job guys!

Bowrag said...

Guys - Thank you so much for the kind words. I was surprised to see someone talk about me! haha. I have had this blog up for 9 days now and basically, it is more work than I thought.

Teachers doing drugs... Yes and no... I had a substitute under the influence of something. We guessed Xanax.

I can't wait until school starts to begin to tell you stories of my day.

Hammer from Hammer Uncut is the person that got me going with the link.

Thanks again, and I will be back.