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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My First Meme: Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Ann

1) I have dual citizenships. I was born in Edmonton Canada and grew up in St-Georges, Quebec, Canada.

2) I learned first to sixth grade reading and writing skills, in three months, after we moved to Palmer, Massachusetts and I started grammar school in the U.S. I’m still working on learning pass sixth grade…

3) I won the bookworm award in 8th grade. I still love to read. Any book recommendations?

4) I play absolutely no instruments

5) I started running and dieting when I was 10 years old. I stopped worrying about weight once I discovered weight lifting at 15, a few years ago my friends gave me the nickname “sweetguns”.

6) I (still) have a rabbit named Boogey Boo. If you read previous posts you know he came close to extinction. We have finally come to an understanding and he doesn’t wake me up at 5:45 every morning anymore. Rabbits can’t be directly trained like cats and dogs (no newspaper smacking his nose) but they are pretty smart and they eventually understand what’s best for them.

7) My first business was a coaching agency ( and it’s currently on pause, or is it... it never took off?!!?

8) I spent 10 years on active duty in the Marine Corps. The hardest thing I ever did, while I was in the Corps, was escort a fallen Marine back home. It was heart breaking.

9) I’ve been the only female in an Iraqi chow hall (cafeteria) on an Iraqi base. Not any different from being the only female in any chow halls…everyone stared, I got extra food, and a few brave souls waved and said hello.

10) I love to dance and I know I could make some serious money as a stripper...unfortunately, I’m too much of an advocate of using brain power to achieve.

11) I’m a chocolate addict. Nutella rules, chocolate taste without all the saturated fat. I blame my departed grandmother for that!! Love you grandma Bernard.

12) I live much more like a bachelor then a bachelorette. I had Pringles and Frosted Flakes for dinner last night, I have been known for drinking straight out of the orange juice container and all my walls are white with no decorations. However, ALL the toilet seats are DOWN and I don’t have any pizza boxes anywhere. I will say that I’ve been to some seriously well decorated and organized bachelor pads…so I know, and am aware, that not all bachelors live the simple and unbothered lifestyle.

13) I believe everything is possible and that we can climb our own Mt. Everest by taking baby steps everyday and maintaining momentum and a positive attitude!!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! It's great to meet you.

I, too, am a bookworm, and that's one of the biggest reasons I became a writer -- because I love books so much!

And Boogey Boo -- what a cute name for a bunny. Bunnies are precious -- I don't have a bunny, but I do have four kitties, and they are a joy.

I, too, am a chocolate addict, and I love your #13 about the importance of a positive attitude.

Take care, and welcome aboard the T13 meme! It's a fun place to be every Thursday.

amy said...

Thanks for letting us get to know you..Neat list..Love reading about your bunny!

amy said...

To get the sign up box, google
Mr linky. You will need to copy and paste a couple things to your template and then add a line to your post..Play with it. I am not good with instructions . If you have any trouble, Im sure a TTer can help!!!

I will just confuse you!

Denise said...

What a great list. It really gives insight into who you are. :) Happy TT!

Ed said...

Thanks for sharing. From a former Marine and life long bookworm.


Comedy + said...

What a great post. Women rock and I see nothing is going to hold you down. Loved all your answers. Happy first TT. :)

damozel said...

That's a lovely introduction. I love rabbits myself, but my husband (who lived in Canada for several years and loves it) says three cats is enough.

Is the positive attitude stuff working out for you? It never does for me. That is to say, I seem to make about the same amount of progress regardless of how I look at things...!

Matthew Didier said...

Loving chocolate is simply a sign of excellent taste! :)