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Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm on Pownce!!

Yep!! I'm one happy gal...thanks to two people. My man Trik read my post today and left me a note in MBL about quite a smart young lady named Jessica. I went ahead and visited Jessica's blog, left her a comment, asking if she would share one of her invites with me...and she did!! We also had a splendid chat on Skype. Jessica is a 17 year old sophomore in college and entrepreneur, you can check out her company's blog: I remember being on my own at 17 and already being an adult. It's not easy, but it holds great rewards and experiences!!

Oh and by the way, I have SIX invites now. One of them has Trik's name on it, if he wants it, but the other five are available...

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