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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two Worlds Collide Around Two Keys to Success

Growing up in my former world, as an Enlisted Marine and later as an Officer I was first embedded with a notion that I later taught my Marines. A notion that is now in my world as an entrepreneur just as important to my success, as it was back then. The notion is wrapped up in three words: Adapt And Overcome.

Adapt :The ability to adapt to all environments, situations, personalities, problems or anything else that might be ‘a moving target’…therefore, susceptible to change is a critical skill to develop for success. The ability to adapt creates chameleons who never find themselves out of place or uncomfortable in uncertainty.

Obviously, this is important in military settings, particularly in the Marine Corps. At a moment’s notice, everything can change and uncertainty is a constant. There’s another saying in the Marine Corps that ties into this—most people have heard Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) but not many people, unless current or former Marines and military, know about Semper Gumbi (Always Flexible)!!

Not all that different in the world of an entrepreneur. There is always uncertainty, a need to take risks, walk into the unknown and be prepared to face all sorts of situations, people and unforeseen circumstances.

Failure to adapt has costs in both worlds.

Overcome: Having the flexibility to adapt to any and all situations and circumstances is not enough for mission accomplishment or in the world of an entrepreneur, real and continuous success. It’s important to not be or remain passive, you must overcome the change and aim to excel in the new environment, under the new circumstances.

Creativity and innovation, in both worlds, are pretty significant in getting this done. When the going gets tough…get creative. Whether surrounded by the enemy or the competition released the same new item a day before you did—get creative and find a way to overcome the situation.

I have an idea…every business plan should end with Adapt and Overcome so when things totally don’t go according to the business plan entrepreneurs will always know what to do!!

Of course, there is also another saying in the Marine Corps if you can’t adapt and overcome…SUCK IT UP!!

I'm applying all of them repeatedly, accordingly and appropriately!!

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Owner of Two worlds gently colliding... said...

Bonjour Ann - I am glad "my" interpretation of two worlds gently collding was of any help to you...(it is my hand in the picture and it is my camera who took it) and at the same time, i wished you had taken few seconds to inform me of this. Thank you for at least giving the right link on one of your pages. This is an interesting project you have. Aurevoir. // Claudia, August 5th 2007