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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Radio Surfing

I covered 1400 miles in the last six days driving from Lakeridge, Virginia to St-Georges, Canada with stops in Palmer, Massachusetts and during my travels, I found myself doing a lot of radio surfing. Since all my favorite stations are pre-programmed I rarely radio surf in my neck of the woods...and I obviously don't have XM Radio or HD Radio which is why, I get the pleasure of radio surfing the old fashion way and sometimes painful way, while I'm on the road. It's painful in places where there are very few radio stations to select from, places like Vermont.

However, I forgot how fun it can be
instead of going directly to the stations you like, you have to 'scroll' through the stations and you find some hidden treasures. I got to listen to some old tunes I hadn't heard in a long time, music from: Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, The Beatles, Steve Miller Band, Phil Collins, Whitesnake, Bob Seger, Aerosmith and even Garth Brooks' Friends in Low Places. I'd like to note, that in the Northeastern part of country, there are a lot more classic rock radio stations!! I normally listen more to classical music, R&B and Hip Hop. The latter stations are a little hard to find...especially (once again) in Vermont.

I was a little surprised to hear "Live in the Den" with Big Tiger on a Hartford Radio Station, since Big Tiger is on Washington's WPGC. I guess in Radio Land, you don't really need to be in the actual just need to be LIVE!?!?

I got on the road early this morning and the weather was pretty crappy. Every station was covering the Micheal Vick Indictment. I haven't read the 19 page indictment report myself...not yet anyway, but, it's some serious accusations and disturbing stuff (animal cruelty and gambling) he was apparently involved with. I'm sure it will make headlines and be a source of discussion for morning shows, and sport talk shows for a while to come.

The bad weather persisted and the morning shows went off the air. I wasn't in the mood to radio surf anymore and I needed something to occupy my mind and my time. Thankfully, my older brother gave me some CDs last night, he wanted me to listen to. Initially, I was a little hesitant to accept them from him and I was hesitant again to play them. Why, would that be!?!? Well, my brother (and I love him dearly) is definitely a Conservative Republican and we don't see eye-to-eye on a few (like many) topics. However, I figured, since I still had 6 hours of driving ahead of me it wouldn't hurt to try out the CDs. The CDs are released by Trends Magazine and they turned out to be very educational and interesting.

The Trends editorial staff is backed by a network of business experts who share tips, inside information, privately distributed reports, speeches, and their own developed sources. These inputs are filtered through a time-tested content analysis process coupled with Trends' own proprietary methodology.

Trends is a solid source, an informed source, that will tell you what trends to expect -- and how you can profit from them. It will give you "inside "information so you'll have a terrific jump on others who don't have red-hot trend-developments.

Think of the monthly Trends listening experience as a brainstorming session designed to get your creative juices flowing. Many firms have purchased Trends subscriptions for their whole executive team. As such, the monthly issue forms the agenda for a meeting at which the team discusses the possible implications of the latest trends for their specific business. And it’s not just the current issue that’s discussed but the implications of trends from prior issues in the context of new issues.

I'm actually considering getting my own subscription.

Well, I'm back home now and probably won't be radio surfing again for a while. It was fun, but it's nice to hear the familiar voices and to know what stations to jump to when commercials come on!!

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