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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Time Marches On

It seem like 2007 is rapidly escaping into the hands to Father Time, as though each moment has more important things to do. I’m a person who lives wholeheartedly in the present, but to no avail, the sands of the hourglass are cascading in full furies. I’m getting close to having an anxiety attack there’s so much to do. The more that’s piling on my plate, the faster time is eluding me.

Time bears all, time heals all and time tells all. In life and in all things, all you have to do is give it time. All in good time, all on its own time and just in the nick of time. Those are clichés, you might say. But all good clichés reveal what we believe to be mostly true.

Time is like money (time is not money, let us not insult time) in that time is a resource. But unlike money, we don’t earn time. Time is allotted to us in a series of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, decades and on. Time for all intentional purposes is free. However, we can’t “make” more time, we can’t win time or borrow time; once our time is spent, once that second has passed, it’s gone forever.

Most people wouldn’t dream of wasting money, but what about wasting time? Thanks to WordPress, I wasted a lot of time yesterday!!

Time impacts our mind, body and souls. Each second, that can never again be regained or relived; every second is part of the bigger time slots in which we develop, grow and mature. How we decide to spend our time dictates what will become of our mind, body and soul.

Time is directly connected to who we are and will be. The journey of our lives is a story of what we do with our time. How we use and make due of our time, maps out how our time will be used in the future. What you choose to do or not do today, matters tomorrow.

You can’t escape time and time will end. Time is precious and in the final hours it is said that the requests are not for more money, more cars, and more houses, but rather, for more time.

What are you doing with your time? Frankly, I’m really wondering about what I’m doing with mine!?!? This post is a reminder to you and me…to get going on the things that matter and to stay focus because no matter what, TIME marches on.


Graham said...

The days pass slowly, its the years that pass quickly

Ann Bernard said...

Don't know about that Graham, everything is passing by too quickly for me...even the hours in the day. I do hope, that each elapsing second, is getting me closer to my making my dreams come true.