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Friday, July 6, 2007

AHHHH, Come On........Cut me Some Slack

My Fridge is dead!! I swear, I’ve never had so many things break on me, in such a short period of time!! This just reaffirms my belief that homeownership just isn’t for me. Here are the reasons why I should never have bought my townhouse:

  • I love to move around too much. Owning my townhouse has made it impossible to for me to leave this over priced, traffic hell, family suburban area.
  • I don’t do, care to do, or care to worry about outside maintenance and grooming. Thank God, I have the world’s BEST Neighbors. I mean it. I have the most amazing neighbors who take care of me…it would be even scarier then it is, otherwise. They cut my grass, trim my bushes and take care of the little stuff that comes up.
  • I’m basically a bachelor. My walls are white. I have no decorations or even curtains, for that matter. Being a bachelor helps a little with the fridge breaking…at least, I’m not losing a large amount of food. My fridge is normally pretty empty, except for milk, eggs, orange juice, salad dressing and pickles.
  • When stuff breaks I want to make a call to one person and have them worry about getting it fixed. I don’t want to go through the phone book and find someone…or worry about the details.

My fridge is only three years old…I can’t believe it’s broke.

The magnets are from all the different places I’ve been:



Hong Kong




Darwin, Australia


S. Korea


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