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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Next Five Reasons I Must Become a Multi-Millionaire

6) Become an Angel Investor: Once I’ve made my millions, it will be my pleasure and I think loads of fun to help the next generation of entrepreneurs make their dreams come true…while funding projects, that will make our world, society and environment better places.

7) Socialize the Right Way: Yep, I plan on having an entourage. I love my friends and family—I want to treat them to the good life. All expense paid trips to exotic locations, fun and exciting parties, and cultural experiences that will change their lives.

8) Write my Book Series: Once I’ve made my millions and created an ongoing stream of income that brings in more millions; I plan on taking the necessary time off to write the book series I’ve been creating in my imagination and carrying in my head for the last few years.

9) Stay 30 Forever: Thankfully, I look young. Most people think I’m in my early-20s, but since I’ve been experiencing significantly more stress this past year… I don’t know how long that will last!! No seriously, once I turn 30, I plan on paying whatever it cost to keep looking young. It’s funny for me to be putting this out to the world because anyone who knows me or meets me would never guess how vain I really am, shhh....

10) Buy Anything I want: That's a bit of an obvious one...which is why, it's last. I want to be able to buy whatever fancies me. I'm far from being a big spender or extravagant person, and I doubt that will change, since I'm motivated by the work I do and my work makes me happy—none the less, when I want something, I want to be able to just get it without any worries.

The way I see it...the first step to becoming a multi-millionaire is knowing WHY you want it. Once you are clear about why you want something, it's much easier to fully engage yourself in making it happen.

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