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Monday, July 9, 2007

Characteristics of the Ideal Investor

I’m big believer in the Laws of Attraction. In order for you to attract what it is that you want and desire…it makes perfect sense that you know, are clear about and able to visualize “it” (it being what you want/desire). So with that being said, and all the efforts we're putting into finding suitable investors for Why Go Solo; I figured it was time to publish and send out to the Universe our order for what characteristics we want our ideal investors to possess. Here goes:

1) Someone who is at least familiar, if not completely knowledgeable about online communities, to include: features, usage, widgets, income model, popularity, and technology.

2) Someone who has a desire to have a positive impact on our society and make a difference in people’s lives. Why Go Solo is being created to change people’s lives, to connect people together, to open lines of communication, to help people add fun, excitement and new adventures in their lives. We want investors who want to be part of delivering this joy to others.

3) Someone who is outgoing, an extrovert, and a networker with a large circle of connections and friends. Someone who enjoys meeting new people and expanding their horizons.

4) Someone who is part investor and part philanthropist. We have added to our business charter, that upon becoming profitable, we will make yearly charitable donations to non-profit organizations. We will only deal with investors who are excited about that.

5) Someone who is familiar with the pain of continuous traveling and time on the road, the hardship of making and maintaining friends because of constant relocating, and the aggravation of wanting to go out to eat and not having company.

6) Someone who admires passion, drive and the journey of following one’s dreams. Our ideal investors will recognize our strengths and potential…our hunger and zeal for success.

7) Someone who understands that when you meet someone new, you introduce a whole new world of possibilities into your life. We want investors who “GET” what Why Go Solo is all about, and realize that yes, it will give them a handsome return on investment, but more importantly, it will have a POSITIVE impact in people’s lives.

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