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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Force Multiplier: Pownce Invites

I thought about this after turning off my computer and it wasn't worth laying in bed awake wishing I had done this entry before going to here I am, took a shower and rebooted my laptop.

The reason I didn't think about this right away, wasn't just the excitement of getting on Pownce (I'm not that pathetic :)). It was actually the verification of the power of internet networking and how quickly it works, that got me all excited.

Anyway, here's the deal--I'm out 3 invites but Why Go Solo is up 15. Of course I'll send Martin and Ruth each an invite...they are, after all, my partners and this will increase our ability to pass invites to our readers.

Here's a get an invite, you have to vote in our poll!! So vote, leave a comment with a way to reach you and one of us will send you an invite.

I'm of course assuming that the folks reading this blog actually care about Pownce, hmmm...we'll see.


Anonymous said...

send me a pownce invite my id is
saurabhminni ... at ....,.in

Ann Bernard said...

Sent the invite...but you're already in there!!