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Monday, July 9, 2007

Ten Reasons Why I Must Become a Multi-Millionaire

Starting with the top 5

1. Really Make a Difference: Let’s face it…wealthy people have more influence and a stronger “voice”. Fame also helps in that department. I want to have the type of wealth that allows me to make significant charitable contributions and be part of the decision process in the areas that matter to me.

2. Re-engage with the Coaching Agency: I strongly believe in the power of coaching and how it can change and impact people’s lives and therefore, our society as a whole…and although, the Coaching Agency concept didn’t work the first time around, I do want to re-engage and turn it into a non-profit organization. It would mean a lot to me to provide coaching to people who would benefit the most from having a coach, but can’t afford it. This would also help out the coaches who are passionate about what they do, but can’t currently support themselves working solely as a coach.

3. Create my Own Playground: I work and live to see the day I own my 300 acres of land on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and my own personalized playground!! You name it, I’ll have it. Obstacle courses, kayaking, boating, canoeing, hiking, biking, walking and running trails, full day spa, gym, yoga…full service lodge and cabins, an amphitheater and my dream house on top of the hill. People will come for training, seminars, retreats—to relax, write, learn and grow. It will be my little piece of heaven that I will share with people.

4. Travel the World my Way: When I travel I like to get submerged in the culture…not go somewhere for a week and leave. Taking Why Go Solo to the international level will be a joy for me. Having condos here and there will be critical to my traveling experience. I want to be able to stay and get to know the people and culture of the places I visit.

5. Have my Perfect Life: There are only FIVE things I want to do:

  • Lead
  • Make Decisions
  • Create/Build
  • Think/Innovate
  • Inspire/Motivate

And that’s it. Everything else I want to delegate. I’m going to need (to list a few) a personnel chef, personal trainer, personal assistant, full housekeeping staff, landscaping team, office assistants, on staff beautician, nanny (if I ever have kids) and a personal shopper.

This is not to say I don’t want to get my hands dirty or that I’m lazy. This is about only doing the things I love and enjoy to do. I will pay a very nice sum for all the extra help. Most people who choose the professions whose assistance I seek, do so, because those are things they love to do…I’m a huge fan of helping people make a living doing what they also love. I’m a pro at delegation and supervision. And I’m not a bitch about it either!!

Next 5 to come tomorrow!!

This is the Highlands National Park on Cape Breton

1 comment:

Martin Saenz said...

I am 100% certain you will achieve all of your aspirations. I meet a lot of people in business and with friends. You are special as a person and have that spark about you with business. I am glad Ruth and I are teaming up with you on this venture and are planning to change the world for the better.

I only feel for those folks that passed on this venture and look to surprise all those that have believed in what we are about to accomplish.