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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Wheels are Turning...Watch out!!

Since before BarCamp DC I decided to get involved in the technology community of DC, which is frankly, what ultimately lead me to BarCamp DC. What I’ve realized in the process is that there isn’t much actively going-on and therefore not much of a gathered community around Technology and Web x.x in our Nation’s Capital.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, BarCamp DC has gotten me all fired up and now the wheels have been turning. Anyone who is a serial entrepreneur knows what that normally means—that’s right, I’m going to start something!!

Not a business…but rather a club and community. But first let me share what I have found so far:

The Northern Virginia Open Coffee Club (OCC) which meets every two weeks but rides the OpenCoffee Club concept developed by Saul Klein. I’m talking with Will, the organizer of OCC, about this idea. I first thought may be expanding OCC would work, but having our own DMV (DC, MD and VA) Club might be best.

We also have Refresh DC…I haven’t been to any of their meetings yet.

Our goal is simple: bring together the best and brightest new media developers in the DC metro area so that we may learn from one another. Our industry is too rich for any one person to "know it all." That's where we come in.

Newly started is the DC Web 2.0 & Video 2.0 Meetup group…They are having a meeting tomorrow and I plan on attending. According to Paul, the organizer of this group, the group has reached two dozens members in less then a month. So it’s obvious the interest is there.

I have heard of TECH Cocktail and apparently there was a TECH Cocktail event way back in May, in DC, and although, it sounds like is was a hit and splendid event…it’s not a regular thing.

And also upcoming is Start-up Weekend DC (I’m signed-up but on the waiting list)

I know there are probably quite a few groups I’m missing which are completely programming/engineering related.

Alright, so here is what I have in mind:

We start a group in the DMV which upholds a creed that is the basis, backbone, and mission of the Club. The creed basically entails a group dedication to support, encourage and grow all web x.x type companies, technology companies and spread the growth of all related matters. The Club is open the web entrepreneurs, technology driven individuals, programmers, engineers, and technology focused investors and everyone else who have a genuine interest in supporting the creed/mission.

Thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in the DMV would lead the efforts and combine knowledge into a blog. The blog would be about the Club events, the members, entrepreneurial ways and the latest happening/ well as, what's hot in the DMV as it relates to technology and business development.

The Club would host 2-3 events/gathering a month. Once a month the meeting would be for Entrepreneurs to vent their ideas and get feedback from the community or practice their pitch prior to seeking funding. The members would provide honest feedback, recommendations and support to assist each other. Once a month, we would also have have an educational session presented by the members covering a new technology or an entrepreneur skill/know-how. Finally, once a month we would try to host a guest speaker (successful entrepreneur, VC, PR...etc.)

The point of all this is to truly establish a way to support, grow and promote the Technology industry in our own backyard. It will take the involvement of all sides to make this happen (the entrepreneurs, techies, developers, investors and social media gurus).

I imagine a day when a web x.x or technology company is launch in the DMV and there is a buzz, commotion, and excitement around it. There is an Army of local bloggers promoting and supporting the launch, there’s a killer launch party with lots of media, and there is a sense of accomplishment…we might not be Silicon Valley, Seattle or NYC, but at least we aren’t the quiet mouse we used to be either!!


Trik said...

Great idea Ann. Great luck with this!

Ellen Scully-Russ said...

Ann - check out this site I found the other day - seems like Ross is also trying to tack activity in the DC tech community