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Monday, August 27, 2007

For the Sake of the Story...

That’s the conclusion I have drawn…it’s for the sake of the story. I mean really, how boring is this story—entrepreneur has brilliant idea, writes business plan, pitches to first investor she meets, receives funding, launches product and makes it big. BORING…right?!!??

Exactly, you have to spice it up…add struggles, tragedies, disappointments, short lived victories that turn into set backs, and make it a story of perseverance, serendipities and hope.

So on that note…off we go into the next chapter. Since posting my post on Sorry…But, I’ve Been Burned Before, I have started to get closer to finding the team of programmers and developers I’m looking for.

First, there are a few programmers on Pownce that I’ve been “Powcing” with for the last few weeks who are interested in hearing more. I’ve already had a long chat with one of them, and he is absolutely excited and ready to get started. This obviously makes me very happy. He loved the concept (Why Go Solo) and was amazed by it.

Second, I have just received an email from GoBig Network. They are getting more involved and hands-on with helping start-up succeed. We found the company, who is assisting us raise funds, through GoBig Network and they have been tracking our progress pretty closely ever since. I’m very impress with GoBig Network’s level of involvement.

Anyway, the email related to helping us find the killer team of programmers we need who would be willing to work for equity. Need I say more…obviously, I responded to let them know I’m very interested and what do we do next.

Martin and I had a long heart to heart today about our situation and our options. We’re both pretty exhausted…because honestly, it takes a lot of energy, passion and determination to keep a dream alive and every time we explain Why Go Solo we pass on that energy and passion to someone else, whether or not they will do anything with it. Every time something doesn’t pan out, we have to dig deeper to keep going and keep the faith and hope alive. It’s draining. We need some progress.

Neither of us wants to give up; we both believe so much in what we want to build and create. Hopefully, the tide is about to turn in our favor. Let this be the beginning of the chapter of how we created a killer development team that will release the future of online and social communities…the team that will shake things up and create a whole new type of buzz. Lets grow the team that will believe in the possibilities and the dream that is, Why Go Solo!!

To be continued…the story keeps unfolding.

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Richard Pendergast said...

This is one of the most inspirational blog posts I've read in a long time. For the sake of the story - that's a really good way to look at it when you're getting kicked. I'll try to take that attitude away with me.

Great post!