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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chirping in My Basement

There is a cricket chirping away in my basement…this was annoying me a great deal since I enjoy working in absolute silence, so I shared my frustrations on Pownce and Jeffrey replied “a cricket in your house is a sign of good luck. she/he will leave when it's time.”

Truth is, I am having some amazing luck these last couple of days…the kind of luck that is bringing together a stellar programming team for Why Go Solo. I couldn’t dream this stuff up even if I tried; the experience, the diversity, and the excitement each member possesses is right on mark. This will take us into a whole new category when it comes to raising money and getting off the ground. We will not simply be going into the development stage, we will go into the development stage with our own development team. Why Go Solo will have a fully experienced and dedicated Development Team. I can’t stop saying it…there’s something to take to the bank!!

I realize you shouldn’t count your chicken till they’ve hatched…so I won’t, not just yet, but I am going to be one diligent and thorough mother hen to make sure each of those eggs properly hatch.

Let the chirping continue…I’m apparently in good company!

I consider the post from below to be a good omen and a sign. Someone told me a few nights ago I would become the next Kevin Rose...perhaps, it’s all coming together.

If you read my blog and you aren’t part of the family on Pownce, let me know and leave me your email address. I’ll send you an invite. We’re having quite a fun time over there.


Bill G said...

You know what’s funny Ann, the picture you associated with this post is from a children’s book called, “The Very Quiet Cricket.” In the story a cricket is born who cannot talk! Many other insects come along, but each time the tiny cricket rubs her wings together in vain: no sound emerges. In the end, however, she meets another quiet cricket, and manages to find her "voice." Sometimes in life you just have to meet and surround yourself with the right people to find your voice and it sounds like that is what is happening to you and your new development team with WhyGoSolo. You’re finding your voice and soon the world will hear your song.

Alright, maybe that was a little bit of a stretch...:)

Ann Bernard said...


You are AWESOME!! Thank you for that information. The cricket didn't start chirping until after I found the team :-) It is always all significant and I'm really glad you shared the story with me. There are no such things as coincidences!!

Thank you.