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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rites of Passage...the Fourth Installment

Develop Nerves of Malleable Steel

I will try to coherently explain, the best I can, what I mean about developing nerves of malleable steel. Determination, perseverance, and even sheer stubbornness are all inwardly generated sources of energy, strength and driving forces that are sent outbound and “burned” like fuel, as we pave our way forward in the world. Some people have greater reserves then others and push harder, faster and farther against all odds. But the thing is, outside forces like; stress, pressure, difficulties and other strains are inbound and aplenty in the start-up game. How those outward forces coming in are coped with, is just as important, as all the energy you expand everyday.

By malleable I’m referring to: having a capacity for adaptive change, and being capable of being flexible and compliant.

Nerves of straight steel can snap or even worst…break, after taking too many ‘hits’ from outside sources. However, nerves of malleable steel will bend, flex and adapt to the outside forces and allow you to better deal with the stresses and pressure.

Developing nerves of malleable steel is a rite of passage that beautifully compliments the other attributes inherent in entrepreneurs.

Identify and Surpass all Weaknesses and Step out of all Comfort Zones

This is my favorite rite of passage and the one I enjoy(ed) the most because I am definitely on a journey of self-discovery and growth. I take pleasure in pushing my limits and facing my fears, and embarking on the journey of following my dreams and being an entrepreneur has elevated the requirements and sped up the process.

I believe this rite of passage actually applies to anyone who is pursuing a dream. Our dreams push us to become more than we already are…our dreams ask of us what we often times neglect to ask of ourselves.

You will know when you are facing this rite of passage…whatever the requirement asked of you; be it to overcome a fear, surpass a weakness, or step out of your comfort zones--the option to either pass through the rite of passage or give up on your dream will likely hit you like a ton of brick.

It hit me that way…each time, it was either surmount and do or let go and give up. The way the paths crossed and then veered off one way or the other was appalling…each time I grabbed hold of my dream and went for it!

Our dreams are meant to stretch, push, and mold us…go for it, it’s worth it.

Now, I say…BRING IT ON!!

Release all Doubts and Believe in Possibilities

This rite of passage becomes easier to exceed as you pass and master the other rites of passage. As you begin to master finding comfort in taking constant risks, entering and living in the realm of unknowns, accepting reality while living in fantasy, maintaining hope while releasing expectations, developing nerves of malleable steel and identifying and surpassing all weaknesses and step out of all comfort zones—you grow strong, confident and become empowered…so by default, your doubts begin to melt away.

Replacing doubts by believing in possibilities creates optimism…positive thinking. We are, create and attract what we think. Doubt attracts uncertainty and what we fear. Believing in possibilities attracts a world of possibilities beyond our wildest dreams.

When doubt creeps in, replace it by visualizing the outcome you desire. Do this as many times as it takes, until only the desired outcomes reside in your thoughts and being. After a while, you will simply think and create possibilities.

This is a rite of passage I am very familiar with…been traversing it time and time again.

Final installment tomorrow...

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