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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Proof of Concept

Of course I know Why Go Solo will be a huge hit and success…but I can’t help but feel really good when I prove the concept is built on a solid need. I spent a good deal of today at Panera Bread. I can’t say I was as productive as I would have liked to be, but since one small aspect of Why Go Solo is for places like Panera Bread—Every now and again, I like to hang out in those types of places to see how the implementation of Why Go Solo will work.

Anyway, this guy (Aaron) was sitting about 10 ft away from me and eventually we ended up striking a conversation. Since he was on the internet and I was on the internet; he opened the conversation by asking me if I had a MySpace page. After chocking back some “thoughts” (that are best not publicly shared) we began talking a little about social networks. Since Why Go Solo doesn’t exist yet, I sent him an invite to Pownce. Pownce won’t provide him the real services that are part of Why Go Solo, but he will be able to get back in touch with me (let me know next time he’s coming to Panera) and continue to communicate with me using Pownce.

He received a very warm welcome from my Pownce friends…which I know will only be intensified through Why Go Solo and the many like minded folks who will be our members.

We met in person/offline and will continue communication online…ahhhhhhhhhh, the possibilities of using a social network to actually HAVE a Social Life in REAL Life

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