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Thursday, September 20, 2007

87 Million to May be Turn a Profit!?!?

Are you kidding me?? I’m about to rant and rave…this is hands down the worst stuff I can come across in the blogs I read. This post came courtesy of Venture Beat: Zillow gets $30M more for online real estate — despite credit crunch. That will be a grand total of 87 Million Dollars…and they are NOT a profitable company. To add insult to injury the article reports that Trulia and Terabitz both basically identical to pulled in 10 million dollars a piece in funding.

Someone, will you PLEASE explain the logic behind this insanity, to me?!? How can investors see a upcoming profit anytime soon!?!? Is another 30 million dollars really going to make a difference…they already have 100 programmers on staff and 155 employees. They’ve only been around for less than two years. What are they doing?? And why invest in identical companies?

The folks at have also proudly announced receiving a third round of funding on their blog. Personally, I would have kept it nice and quiet. I wouldn’t announce needing even more money and becoming “the most richly backed of the new era of “Web 2.0″ Internet companies.” I would rather become the Largest and Most Profitable Web 2.0 Internet company, Who Received the Least Funding in the History of Web 2.0 Companies…

Keep that headline handy…you’ll see it again, in less than two years.

I’m all fired up!!

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