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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Million and Ten Things To Do

Okay, it’s not quite that bad, and by no means am I complaining, whining or bitching. As always, I am simply sharing with you what’s going on. What’s going on is some major action via Skype, Basecamp, our Wiki, Subversion, Gtalk and Yahoo IM; as we have begun development, and I still need to empty everything that is Why Go Solo out of my head and into some sort of comprehensive and usable format for the developers to build the right modules.

I had never really done any work on a Wiki before…so I’m learning a lot. Perhaps one day I can graduate and become a ‘Wiki Ninja’. But, I have a long way to go. The Wiki is the main place where I’m unloading and flushing out all the user stories and unfolding how I envision Why Go Solo to function and what it will accomplish. It’s hard for me to stay focus on the more granular settings for Why Go Solo. Each user stories has some other aspects and links to it, and that still only begins to unfold the full possibilities…so I get frustrated as I write the stories that I can’t say it all at once. Thankfully, I had created many of the wire frames already, and we have quite a few of the basic screen shots done as well. You know the expression…pictures are worth a thousand words.

While I’m going through this process, I can’t help but to wonder how the process unfolded for many of the other web 2.0 sites/communities that are already out there, right now. Makes me wonder how thought out some of the ideas were before they were implemented, since it took many of them a long time to have new features added. The entire process is rather fascinating to me and someday I hope to be able to compare notes with some others. (I’m also hoping to make our development team famous!!)

So far so good, but we’ll see as we go what creates hold ups, if anything at all.

We have decided to kill the investor site idea and hold out for the alpha version, but we will still launch the new blog, a sign-up for the beta site invites and a new temporary homepage. Hoping that will happen in the next two weeks.

We have posted a job listing on GoBig Network: Stellar Opportunity for RoR Developer. We would like to add at least one more part time developer to the team. We have lost two members since starting due to some of life’s surprises requiring much of their time. These things happen.

Anyone notice I’m using a lot more WE. I’m loving it.

I have also submitted our application for the Grubstake Breakfast, which is being held on October 23rd, 2007. We’re definitely hoping we get selected to present, since that would be great exposure to VCs and Angel Investors in the DC, MD and VA area that specialize in investing in our type of business.

With all the work I have been doing, and still need to do, I haven’t been as active on my usual networks (particularly Pownce and blog reading)…because I have to fight my usual web ADD habits and stay focused, so hopefully I’m not missing out on too much!! If I am, make sure to give me shout out.


Keith Casey said...

No, I would wager that most don't do anything like it... and you can sometimes see it in the UI when more and more is crammed into place without caring what users actually do.

Besides, I bet your team appreciates having useful information and the ability to ask questions, etc. I know I would! ;)

Zvi said...

Glad to see that development is under way. Can't wait to see it!

Diane C said...

Do you ever sleep. I am sure this will be a great success. Keep moving forward.