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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Competitive Spirit: AWS Start-up Contest

We’ve decided to enter the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Start-up Contest. (Only thing that would stop us is an argument against it from our lawyer) One of our developer came across the contest and passed it along…of course, I got excited about it right away.

I play to win. I have a very competitive spirit and I love when it gets fired up. I also love the thought of having additional incentives that make me and the team work extra hard towards multiple solid tangibles.

Reap the rewards (Excerpt from Contest Page)

Prizes include $50,000 in cash, $50,000 credit toward Amazon Web Services, an investment offer from Amazon, and mentoring sessions from an Amazon Web Services Technical Expert. All five finalists will be included in various promotional activities and be featured at the invitation-only AWS Start-Up Challenge Awards Dinner.

This would be excellent exposure for Why Go Solo and it conveniently co-insides with our scheduled launch date. (Excerpt the Rules)

For each Finalist, Sponsor will produce, at its expense and at the Finalist's location, a professional video highlighting the Finalist's Business Proposition (the "Finalist Video"). The Finalist Videos will be posted online at in November 2007. The public will be permitted to view and vote on the Finalist Videos online at the contest website, but the votes will not determine the winner.

Final Round. The final round will take place in December 2007 in Seattle, WA at the Amazon corporate headquarters. Each Finalist must be present in person at the final round and must prepare, at the Finalist's expense, a 30-minute presentation and demo of its Business Proposition. The presentation and demo will be presented to the Amazon Judging Panel. Each presentation and demo will be followed by up to 30 minutes of Q&A by the Amazon Judging Panel.

Amazon Web Services

We have been discussing and already considering Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 for the hosting and storage solution for Why Go Solo…so the contest helps us make our decision and allows us take advantage of some serious perks.

I’ll make the announcement to everyone once our application is submitted!!

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