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This blog is about the lives of a few entrepreneurs who are aiming to establish the next trend in social networking and the concept that will make it happen. Since our venture is all about connecting people together, we want to be involved and connected to you and we want you to be involved and connected to us. We'll be sharing with you: who we are, how we got started, how we’re doing and where we’re going...we're taking you along for the ride!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Purpose

The purpose behind this blog is to take you on our journey with us. We obviously have a lot of catching up to do since this journey began February 12, 2007 and is on-going each and every day.

The reason we want to take you on the journey with us is because we want to connect with the people who are and will be involved in what we are doing. We want to expose and outline the journey we are taking towards making our dreams come true.

We hope this blog and our sharing who we are, our struggles, successes, challenges and victories with you, will encourage you to step into the unknown and take part in making your own dreams come true.

As you will read in the next post, Tick Tock, this hasn’t and isn’t an easy journey…particularly for me (Ann).

We (Martin, Ruth and myself) are hoping to build a multi (100 plus) million dollars company. We have an exciting and amazing concept that will impact millions of lives and bring lots of fun into our world.

I can’t speak for Martin or Ruth, but for me, this is about having the lifestyle and life I dream about each day. It’s about never settling or compromising on my true and real happiness and potential.

We’ve been through some ups and downs and each day I am not fully sure what will happen next. I live in a constant state of unknown and uncertainty. (According to Deepak Chopra…this is exactly where miracles happen and I’m impatiently waiting for that to happen since I haven’t fully learn the art of detachment just yet)

This is also a spiritual journey we are taking you on. We are all very spiritual being. We believe in the Laws of Attraction, the Art of Positive Thinking, The Power of Visualization, The Benefits of Meditation, etc…

You will see how we go about making our dreams come true by remaining true to who we are and in tune to what is best for all of us.

Did I mention this hasn’t and isn’t an easy journey!!?!?!

We hope you will join us and find comfort and what’s happening and going on with us. It’s important to know we are not alone and it’s important to give and receive support.

We look forward to hearing from you and trust us…once we launch Why Go Solo, you will LOVE what we are doing!!

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