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Saturday, July 28, 2007

I've Been Tagged...

…and right after doing my first Thursday Thirteen and already laying down thirteen things about myself!!

Sherry, at What’s Next…formerly Entrepreneur’s Journey is “pimping me” for another eight more. Okay, here goes nothing with a shocking attention grabbing opening:

1. I am developing a thing for younger men. Might be part of my quarter life crisis or something…

2. I have a sarcastic, witty and at times dry sense of humor. (Did you read #1) I also love to banter. I have a way of taking everything seriously and at the same time taking nothing too seriously. I’m funniest under extreme stress, pressure and “everything going wrong”!!

3. I bought, paid for and insured my first car and didn’t know how to drive it…it was a stick; an hour later I was ready to take my new-used car home.

4. I bought, paid for and insured my first motorcycle and didn’t know how to drive it…a few days later; I was driving it to my class to get my motorcycle license.

5. Speaking of vehicles…I’ve had a crush on corvettes since I was in my teens.

6. I was class President of my High School class and in the top ten for academics. Many people (friends and teachers) thought I was wasting my potential by joining the Marine Corps. I personally wanted to live life, have adventures and be actually challenged by something.

7. My Commission in the Marine Corps came in the form of a Meritorious Commission, I don’t have a bachelor’s degree—I’m right there with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs!! There’s a lot to be said about drive, determination, hard work, common sense, and having a vision. Alright, I'm minus a few billion dollars, but that's just a matter of time!

8. My #1 motivator in life is FEAR. If I’m afraid of something then I MUST do it. I refuse to harbor, empower, and live with fear. I’m currently fear free. I embrace the next challenge that will provide me the opportunity to face fear again and conquer it.

I guess this is where I need to tag eight other bloggers…this is slightly problematic, many of the blogs I read either, don’t participate in these memes, or they get continuously tagged therefore, it would be pointless to tag them again.

My first tag is Jacob. I made friends with Jacob on Pownce and he just started his blog. He was kind enough to add me to his blogroll and I figured this would be an excellent way for him to introduce himself to us. Nothing like being in the spotlight right away…hope he doesn’t mind!!

My second tag is for Vince at Try Change. I met Vince through Martin and his blog is very positive.

My third tag is for Labruinbear. He’s been slacking on his blogging, so this will help him out!! (I’m teasing…I know he’s been very busy)

My fourth tag is for Marian. Talk about an amazing woman, I definitely want to learn a few more things about her life.

My fifth tag is for rainbowreels. DO NOT CLICK IF AT WORK or if you aren’t interested in hot looking men with little to no clothes on.

My sixth tag is for Erik at Foneshow…I’m hoping he’ll participate and tell us a little more about his entrepreneurish journey thus far.

My seventh is for GrahamJ. I’ve enjoyed quite a few of his blog entries and it would be nice to find out few personal details about him.

My eight goes to Trik. Sorry to tag you buddy…especially after your last post thanking me for not tagging!! I wouldn’t be a friend if I was taking you on the journey with me. DO NOT CLICK AT WORK EITHER and be prepared for women with little to no clothes on. I'm an equal opportunity provider!

Okay, now I’m going to go and write the actual post I had planned for today.


Sherry Heyl said...

I am going to enjoy meeting you for drinks one day so we can expand on some of these stores.

Erik said...

OK, now I have to think of something to say...

chapel said...

Well thanks for the tag, it was interesting talking about myself I guess.